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10 March 2008


WHAT IS HERE (and a note about what is not here)






The pages of the Ancient Egypt in Fiction ("AEF") web site contain categorized lists of novels and short stories that feature significant elements drawn from ancient, and most especially pharaonic, Egypt, including the related cultures of Nubia and Meroë. A few works, such as Ronald Wright's A Scientific Romance, feature Egyptologists rather than more explicitly Egyptian elements. Likewise, some, for example, Ted Chiang's "Tower of Babylon," feature Egyptians, Egyptologists, artifacts, or gods making cameo appearances. Even fewer works contain even more glancing reference, such as Nicola Griffith's Ammonite.

I hope that this bibliography will help Egyptophiles of all ages find works to enjoy. Many of these stories are still in print and all but the rarest should be available at your local or school library or through the Interlibrary Loan Service.

AEF is not a commercial site: the books are not listed for sale. AEF is intended as a resource for readers (including teachers, home-schooling parents, and literary critics) to identify titles that might interest them. If you are looking to buy a book, be aware that some are very scarce and expensive. 

Links to AEF from relevant web pages (such as bibliographic, educational, Egyptological, or author sites) are encouraged. Please note, however, that the lists are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way without my explicit, written permission, and I reserve the right to refuse any link that I deem objectionable.

The list is ever-expanding and help in this regard is always appreciated.

Inclusion of a book or story on this list endorses neither its literary merits nor its historical accuracy. A work appears here only because it makes a significant nod, gracious or otherwise, to the antiquities of Egypt, its gods, its land, or, most of all, its people.


As of January 1, 2005, Ancient Egypt in Fiction features more than 1500 novels and short stories in at least seventeen different languages, published since the second century through the present date. Until July 24, 2003, I had a policy excluding all works published only on the Web. This has changed. Works that appear in professional e-zines are now included in the list.

To facilitate use of this bibliography, I have divided each category into sub-categories. (See Index for a complete list.)

All of these classifications are to some degree subjective. After all, one reader's historical novel is another reader's romance is another reader's fantasy novel and so on. Biblical fiction especially can be difficult to pin down, and I made judgments that others might have rendered otherwise. I have included relevant links to make it easier for readers to locate, for example, historical titles among the genres (e.g., mystery, romance, fantasy, alternate history) without listing titles under multiple categories.

I will try to list all editions (but not all printings!) of a given book, including audio and braille editions, and translations.

Works not originally written in English, including those that have never been translated into English, are included here. Titles are listed first by their language of original publication (when I know it); translations follow. I have identified all foreign languages for the sake of those who might not recognize them: Wolfgang Jeschke's "Osiris Land" is in German, for example.

I have also, when possible, translated the title into English if there is no English publication and if the title isn't utterly self-evident, such as Max Kronberg's or Reinhold Conrad Muschler's German-language novels, Nofretete.

Help in locating works, including foreign editions of English-language publications, is always welcome.

Authors, editors, and publishers (or others with knowledge) may notify me of current and forthcoming works (with as many of the details listed here as possible). I will include them in the next update. If you know of works that are missing, see an error on on the list, or have News, please let me know. I'm always grateful for the help. All contributors (except authors mentioning their own works) will be acknowledged in these pages unless they request otherwise.


Works set in Egypt that do not deal with some aspect of ancient Egypt, its remains, or its students (such as many of Michael Pearce's "Mamur Zapt" mysteries) are omitted from this bibliography. With the exception of picture books told in rhyme, poetry is also excluded, as are graphic novels, comics, and scripts. There is no purported non-fiction however fanciful (such as books about how extraterrestrials built the pyramids). Most translations of ancient Egyptian texts are likewise omitted, unless they are interpreted in some way and published for a popular audience (such as Lise Manniche's How Djed-em-Ankh Saved the Day). Works that exist only only in audio form or are self-published on the Web will not be found here.

Regrettably, I cannot provide links to author web sites, booksellers, or electronic editions of public-domain works. Keeping such links updated would consume time and effort better spent on the AEF bibliography itself.

For those other purposes, I highly recommend Google.


If you would like to contribute to the list with either new items or additions/corrections to the current list, please e-mail me. I am particularly eager to make certain that each work appears in the correct sub-category.

Please first check the Author Lists to be sure that the work you're submitting is not already included.

For novels, try to include:

For short stories appearing in magazines, try to include:

For short stories appearing in anthologies, try to include:


I have discovered at least one unauthorized reposting of some of these pages on the Internet. Steps are being taken to have them removed. Aside from the caches used by the search engines such as Google and Metacrawler, none of these are, or will be, authorized by me. I have no association with these sites or organizations. Those parties interested in the list are more than welcome to link to relevant pages, keeping in mind the caveat mentioned above.


If you are looking for films with ancient Egyptian themes, I recommend the following sites:

The Ancient Egypt Film Site

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Thebes in Film - Theban Mapping Project


The following sites will prove useful:

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All lists are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.


Copyright 2002-2008 by Noreen Doyle

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Author List Introduction

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Author List A-F

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Author List G-L

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Author List M-R

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Author List S-Z
The Author Lists are complete listings of every novel and story in the bibliography, alphabetically by author, with links to each work in the category pages.

Category and Sub-Category Index

Ancient Egypt in Fiction for Young Adults
Princes, princesses, peasants; mummies, magic cats, and young archaeologists. Stories published for middle-grade and young adult readers, but people of most any age will find something they like here.

Ancient Egypt in Science Fiction & Fantasy
From time travel to sword & sorcery, from aliens to alternate history, and everything in between.

Ancient Egypt in Historical & Mainstream Fiction
The Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and Napoleon, too: scholarly research optional but magic checked at the door.

Ancient Egypt in Biblical Fiction
From Joseph to the Flight into Egypt.

Ancient Egypt in Mysteries & Thrillers
  Pharaohs are assassinated, Egyptologists murdered, treasures lost. Whodunnit? In ancient times and modern, there is always a sleuth near at hand.

Ancient Egypt in Romances & Erotica
Obstacles to true love, and the means to overcome them -- by willpower or a little bit of magic -- are older than the pyramids! (Some titles are suitable for adults only.)

Ancient Egypt in Fiction for Children
Picture books and chapter books for budding Egyptophiles.

Ancient Egypt -- Miscellaneous Fiction
All those things that belong elsewhere on the list -- or might belong off the list altogether.