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Princes, princesses, peasants; mummies, magic cats, and young archaeologists.
Stories published for middle-grade and young adult readers (ages 8 to 18), but people of most any age will find something they like here.

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Introduction & Home Page

Last updated: 24 March 2009

Titles, including translations, added within the last three months are noted.

The following novels and short stories for middle readers and young adults feature significant elements drawn from ancient, and most especially pharaonic, Egypt.

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FANTASY & HORROR  Ancient Setting (including retold myths & legends)
Modern Setting

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HISTORICAL: Ancient Setting

Aubin, Henry T.
Rise of the Golden Cobra 
Nautilus Book Award (silver)
2007: Annick Press
Fourteen-year-old Nebamon joins the physicians traveling with the army of King Piankhy in his conquest of Egypt.
Bedford-Jones, H.
The Young Shield Bearer
No Date (1910s-1930s?): Elgin, Illinois: David C. Cook
A sixteen-year-old youth is rewarded with the position of the king's shield bearer just in time to take part in the Battle of Kadesh against the Hittites.
Berry, Erick (= Best, Allena)
Honey of the Nile
1938: Oxford: Oxford University Press
1950: Junior Literary Guild
1963: New York: Viking
Set during the reign of Tutankhamen.
Borell, Eric
"Swordsman of Sebak"
1935: Youth's Companion/American Boy 109.6 (June; pp. 3-5, 30-32) (illus. Manning Dev. Lee)
Brown, Richard
Setna's Journey
2001: Anglia Young Books
The young son of an artist longs to have his lock of hair, a symbol of childhood, cut off, but first he must learn to be a young man.
Carter, Dorothy Sharp
His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut
1987: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
The story of the female pharaoh.
Coolidge, Olivia E.
Egyptian Adventures
1954: New York: Houghton Mifflin/Riverside
A collection of 12 short stories set in ancient Egypt.
Divin, Marguerite
Stories from Ancient Egypt  (translated from the French by Whelpton, Barbara)
1965: London: Burke
Downey, Fairfax
"Battle Lion of Egypt"
1966: Children's Digest (July)
Efremov, Ivan
Na krayu Ojkumeny  [Russian: "On The Brink of the Inhabited World"]
English (George H. Hanna):
The Land of Foam
1949: Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House
2001: Fredonia
A Greek boy is kidnapped by Egyptians as a slave and, having escaped, journeys across the African continent with an African and an Etruscan to return home.
French, Jackie
Pharaoh: The Boy Who Conquered the Nile 
2007:  Angus & Robertson
After being scarred by a crocodile, the formerly "perfect" Prince Narmer loses his place as the future king of Thisis, so he goes traveling beyond Egypt with the man who healed him.
Gere, Frances Kent
Boy of Babylon
1941: New York: Longman's, Green & Co.
A twelve-year-old boy must deliver gold and a jewel to Asshur and Egypt.

Once Upon a Time in Egypt
1937: New York and Toronto: Longmans, Green and Co.
The story of a prince and princess of the 4th Dynasty.
Gregory, Kristiana
Cleopatra VII, Daughter of the Nile

1999: New York: Scholastic
Twelve-year-old Cleopatra must cope with threats to her father's life, and her own.
Green, Robert James
Hawk of the Nile
1962: New York: St. Martin's Press
The death of a hawk causes great trouble for an Egyptian boy.
Harvey, Gill
Orphan of the Sun
2006: London: Bloomsbury
An orphaned girl, sent to live with her uncle's family in the village of the royal tomb-makers, uncovers strange goings-on in the village.
Henty, G. A.
The Cat of Bubastes:  A Tale of Ancient Egypt
1889: London: Blackie and Son
1998: Preston-Speed Publications
2002: New York: Dover
Chebron and his sister must flee Egypt when he accidentally kills a sacred cat. Set during the reign of the "warrior pharaoh" Thutmose III.
Howard, Alice
The Princess Runs Away: a story of Egypt in 1900 B.C.
1934: New York: Macmillan (illus. John T. Howard)
An Egyptian princess flees the palace life she's grown bored with.
Kerry, Mary
Saving the Scrolls 
2005: Spring, TX: Absey & Co.
The 12-year-old Basdinya, youngest sister of Cleopatra, witnesses her sister seize the throne with Roman aid.
Lamprey, L.
Long Ago in Egypt
1926: Boston: Little, Brown and Co. (illus. Margaret Freeman)
Latimer, John
The King's Rock
1969: New York: Meredith Press
A young Roman centurion searches for an ancient pharaoh's tomb.
Leighton, Margaret
Cleopatra, Sister of the Moon
1969: New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux
Little, Kimberley Griffiths
"The Mummy Tent" 
2008: Cricket 35.7 (March), pp. 5-12 (illus. Doug Chayka)
The son of the Chief Embalmer helps the injured daughter of a High Priest and this leads to consequences...
Lownsbery, Eloise
A Camel for a Throne
1941: New York: Houghton Mifflin
An Egyptian princess is forced from the palace and must live among the common folk.
Lumpkin, Beatrice 
Senefer and Hatshepsut: a novel of Egyptian genius
1983: Chicago: DuSable Museum Press
Mackenzie, Donald A.
"A Prince in Peril: A Tale of Ancient Egypt"
1924: Blackie's Boys Annual: London: Blackie & Son
Maney, Regina
The Cat Wore Earrings
Set during the reign of Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh.
Matje, M.
Viena Diena Egiptiesu Zena Dzive [Latvian: One Day in the Life of an Egyptian Boy (??)]
1957: Riga, Latvia
McCaughrean, Geraldine
Casting the Gods Adrift
1998: A&C Black/Flashback (illus. Paul Fisher-Johnson)
2002: Cricket Magazine (serialized)
2003: Peru, Illinois: Cricket Books (illus. Patricia D. Ludlow)
Two brothers, one of whom is going blind, and their father, who used to provide animals for the temples of the many gods, find work -- and danger -- at the court of King Akhnaten, who has outlawed all the gods except Aten.
McGraw, Eloise Jarvis
The Golden Goblet
Newbery Honor Book
1961: Coward-McCann 
Der goldene Kelch
A boy who hopes to become a goldsmith like his father is enslaved as a stonecutter by his cruel half-brother.

Mara, Daughter of the Nile
1953: Coward-McCann
A slave girl acts as a spy during the reign of the female pharaoh, Hatshepsut.
Meadowcroft, Enid La Monte
Scarab for Luck
1964: New York: Thomas Y. Crowell
After being expelled from school, an artist son runs away with an escaped Syrian slave. Set during the reign of Thutmose III.
Morrison, Lucile
The Lost Queen of Egypt
1937: Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott (illus. Franz Geritz; frontispiece Winifred Brunton)
1938: London: Secker and Warburg (illus. Frank Gerity)
The story of Queen Ankhesenamen, daughter of Akhenaten and wife of Tutankhamen.
Nolting, Anne
Dear Future People
1996: Royal Fireworks Press
The story of Hypatia, a young woman who is the last keeper of the Library of Alexandria.
Norton, Andre
Shadow Hawk
1960: New York: Harcourt Brace
1979: New York: Fawcett Crest
1987: New York: Del Rey
The Egyptians fight to oust their foreign overlords at the end of the 17th Dynasty.
Reig, June
Diary of the Boy-King, Tut-Ankh-Amen
1978: Scribner
The year Tutankhamen becomes a nine-year-old king.
Rubalcaba, Jill
A Place in the Sun
1997: New York: Houghton Mifflin
A boy who accidentally kills a sacred dove is condemned to the mines in Nubia.

The Wadjet Eye
2000: New York: Houghton Mifflin
In the days of Cleopatra and Caesar, Damon, a student physician, must travel from Egypt to Spain with a friend to deliver important news to his father.
Schlein, Miriam
Amuny, Boy of Old Egypt
1961: Abelard-Schuman
Steele, Robert
The Story Of Alexander: re-told from the originals
1894: London: David Nutt (illus. Fred Mason)
A fable-like retelling of the story of Alexander the Great, who conquered many lands including Egypt.  Includes notes about the ancient sources.
Stevenson, Forence
1965: Putnam Publishing & The Metropolitan Opera Guild
A retelling of Verdi's opera, in which an Ethiopian slave girl must choose between duty and love.
Surget, Alain
Ménès : Premier pharaon d'Egypte  [French: Menes: The First Pharaoh of Egypt]
2001: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
Omnibus edition including all three novels in the series of this name.

1 -- L'Oeil d'Horus  [French: The Eye of Horus]
1999: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
2001: Ménès : Premier pharaon d'Egypte, Surget, Alain: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
The king of Upper Egypt orders Prince Menî prove himself capable of becoming king by completing three tasks, and along the way the prince encounters Thouyi, a girl thief.

2 -- L'Assassin du Nil  [French: The Assassi
1999: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
2001: Ménès : Premier pharaon d'Egypte, Surget, Alain: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
The assassination of an ambassador causes Prince Menî to be sent on a secret mission to prevent war.

3 -- Le Maître des deux terres  [French: The Lord of the Two Lands]
2001: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
2001: Ménès : Premier pharaon d'Egypte, Surget, Alain: Flammarion/Castor Poche Senior
Menî's father has been assassinated, Lower Egypt has declared war on its southern neighbor -- can Menî save his land?
Thompson, James C.
The Amarna Experiment
2003: Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse
The story of the heretic pharaoh, Akhenaten, and his family, including Queen Nefertiti and the future king, Tutankhamun.
Turner, Ann
Maia of Thebes
2005: New York: Scholastic
An Egyptian girl must flee after she accuses her uncle of stealing grain from the temple, and she must be careful because her brother secretly taught her to read and write.
Wilding, Valerie
The Secret Diary of an Egyptian Mummy Maker
Secret Diary
forthcoming (2006): Egmont Books (illus. Michael Broad)
Wilkinson, Carole
1 -- Prince in Exile
A spoiled prince escapes the plot of his step-mother and the vizier by becoming a humble scribe's apprentice at the village of the royal tomb-makers.

2 -- Ramose and the Tomb Robbers
Still in the guise of a scribe, Ramose is kidnapped by tomb-robbers who need him to read the maps of the royal tombs.

3 -- Sting of the Scorpion
2001: Black Dog Books
Ramose continues to struggle to regain the throne that is rightfully his.
Williams, Bert
The Sword of Egypt
1976: New York: Scholastic
1977: Richmond Hill, Ontario: Scholastic TAB
Aahmes attempts to clear the name of his father who has been executed as a traitor against Ramses III.

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Adams, Anne Tyra
Songbird of the Nile: the diary of Miriam's best friend,1527 B.C. - 1526 B.C.
forthcoming: Promised Land Diaries/Baker Books
Baez, Kjersti Hoff
Christian Library
Miriam is witness to oppression of the Israelites by the cruel Egyptians and their escape into a new land.
Banks, Lynne Reid
Moses in Egypt
1998: Dreamworks
Novelization of the animated film "The Prince of Egypt."
Bruno, Bonnie
1 --
Abigail's Secret Journal

Secret Journals of Bible-Time Kids 1
2004: Cook Communications Ministries
Twelve-year-old Abigail keeps a diary of the Exodus from Egypt into Canaan.
Dalgleish, Florence
The Mighty Past:  A Tale of the Plagues of Egypt for Boys and Girls
undated (1910s?): J. W. Butcher
Davidson, Robert
"It Happened in Egypt"
1950: Stories from Holy Writ, Robert Davidson

"Joseph and His Brethren"
1950: Stories from Holy Writ, Robert Davidson
Both these stories were first published in Daybreak (a children's Christian magazine) between 1914 and 1920.
Diamond, Lucy
"The Flight into Egypt"
1942: The Loveliest Stories of All, Lucy Diamond: London: Collins (illus. H. M. Brock & Irene Mountfort)
A retelling of the Holy Family's journey to Egypt to escape the decree of Herod.
Dodek, Miriam Selker
"Golden Gods"
"Green Molech"
"Iraia Defeats the Golden Gods"
"A Kind of Magic"
"Land of the No Longer Living"
"Little Princess of the Pharaoh"
"Little Ra"
"Menacon and the Red Sea"
"Proof of Ka"
"River of Wonder"
"Sign of the Moon Goddess"
"The Story of Non-Ar"
"The Tale of Abnarth:
"Valley of the Written-Upon"
"Weeping God"
1967: River of Wonder: Stories of the Nile, Miriam Selker Dodek: Tel Aviv: Joshua Chachik
All the stories above appear in this collection.
Gormley, Beatrice
1999: William B. Eerdmans
The story of the sister of Moses.
Harris, Rosemary
1 -- The Moon in the Cloud
Carnegie Medal
1968: London: Faber & Faber
1968: New York: MacMillan
1977: London: Puffin
1990: Peter Smith
Reuben is sent by Noah's son to Egypt to fetch two temple cats. Set during the Sixth Dynasty.

2 -- The Shadow on the Sun
1970: London: Faber & Faber
1970: New York: MacMillan
1970: Puffin
1977: New York: Faber & Faber
In Kemi (Egypt), Reuben meets old friends and enemies and must go to the land of Punt to find the bewitching Meri-Mekhmet.

3 -- The Bright and Morning Star
London: Faber & Faber
1987: Puffin
London: Faber & Faber
Haskin, Dorothy C.
The Court of Hur
1960: Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House
The story of Moses and the Exodus.
Lambert, Dave
Trouble Times Ten
2000: Bethany House
Ben's many fears are intensified by the ten plagues of Egypt: can he face the greatest fear, crossing the bottom of the Red Sea?
L'Engle, Madeleine
"Pakko's Camel"
1982: The Sphinx at Dawn: two stories, Madeleine L'Engle: Seabury Press
1989: The Sphinx at Dawn: two stories, Madeleine L'Engle: HarperCollins
Yehoshuah (Jesus) must deal with a stubborn camel and its owner.

"The Sphinx at Dawn"
1982: The Sphinx at Dawn: two stories, Madeleine L'Engle: Seabury Press
1989: The Sphinx at Dawn: two stories, Madeleine L'Engle: HarperCollins
Yehoshuah converses in riddles with the Sphinx.
Lester, Julius
Pharaoh's Daughter
2000: Harcourt/Silver Whistle
2002: HarperTrophy
Moses's youth in Egypt as seen through his eyes and those of his sister.
Leviton, Sonia
Escape from Egypt
ALA Best Book for Young Adults
Booklist Editor's Choice
Voice of Youth Advocate's Outstanding Book
1994: Little, Brown
A Hebrew slave falls in love with a half-Egyptian girl.
Myers, Walter Dean
"Reuben and Joseph"
2003: About Time to Love: Tales from the Old Testament, Walter Dean Myers: New York: Scholastic

"Aser and Gamiel"
2003: About Time to Love: Tales from the Old Testament, Walter Dean Myers: New York: Scholastic
Park, Lois M.
Princess of the Two Lands
Pettey, Emma
Boy of the Wilderness
1948: Nashville, Tennessee: Broadman Press (illus. Robert Doremus)
A grandfather tells his grandchildren about his boyhood days as a slave in Egypt.
Mendes, H. Pereira
In Old Egypt:  A Story About the Bible But Not in the Bible
1903: Frederick A. Stokes (illus. Mabel L. Humphrey)
Menick, Stephen
2000: Ribbiting Tales, ed. Nancy Springer: Penguin/Philomel (illus. Tony DiTerlizzi)
The Biblical plagues from the point of view of the pharaoh, whose first-born son takes delight in the plague of frogs.
Neff, Merlin L.
Conquering Heroes
The Bible Pageant 2
1947 (illus.)
Includes stories based on the life of Moses.
Salminen, Esther
God's First Children
1946: Roy Publishers (illustrations by Kaj Beckman & Per Beckman)
Includes stories of Joseph and Moses, among others.
Searchrest, Effie
Egyptian Photoplays
1921: Rand McNally
Stories (perhaps entirely Biblical?) set in Egypt, illustrated with halftones and one color plate after photographs taken by the author.
Travis, Lucille
1991: Herald Press
A twelve-year-old girl flees Egypt with the Hebrews.
Waldron, Kathleen
Joseph, Master of Dreams
2000: Beloved Books: Stories of Faith/Roussan Publishers
A spoiled boy, the envy of his brothers, finds himself a slave in Egypt.
Wheeler, Opal
1962: New York: E. P. Dutton (illus. Linford Donovan)
White, C. Charles
Pharaoh's Friend
1955: London: The Epworth Press
The story of Joseph.
Williams, Rex
1990: Barbour Publishing
The story of Joseph, who became advisor to the king of Egypt.
Williamson, Joanne
God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah
2002: Bethlehem Books
Taharka, a minor son of the Egyptian King Shabaka unexpectedly becomes king. Opposed by his envious half-brother he flees Egypt with the Judean ambassador who came seeking Egypt's help against the Assyrians.

Hittite Warrior
1960: Bethlehem Books
A young Hittite warrior participates in a great battle, during the time of Deborah, against the Hebrew hero Barak.
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Anderson, Mary
... Forever Ahbra
1981: New York: Atheneum
An art student meets an Egyptian student who, terrified of a Tutankhamen exhibition, is subject to sudden attacks of unconsciousness.
Anonymous (= Wilson, Lucy Sarah (Atkins)
The Fruits of Enterprize Exhibited in the Travels of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia; interspersed with the observations of a mother to her children
1821: London: Harris & Son
1824: Boston: Monroe & Francis
1842: New York: Charles S. Francis (new and revised ed.)
A mother tells her children stories as they visit an exhibit.
The Warringtons Abroad; or, twelve months in Germany, Italy, and Egypt
1866: Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday (illus.)
A fictional travel account of travel to foreign countries.
Cameron, Eleanor
A Room Made of Windows
Children's Book World Honor
A teen who wants more than anything to become a writer must face the outside world, which includes her brother, who believes he is the incarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh.
Danzinger, Paula
Make Like a Tree and Leave
1990: New York: Delacorte
One of the complications encountered when the students set off to save a wildlife area is caused by the class's project on ancient Egypt.
Littke, Lael J.
The Phantom Fair
1996: Salt Lake City: Deseret
A Mormon girl's hopes to join a popular club are complicated by the appearance of a mummy in her backyard.
Maxwell, Katie 
Chloe, Queen of Denial
2004: Smooch
Cowardly Chloe's parents send her on an excavation for teens in Egypt, where she will try to remake herself. The narrative in part parallels Eyeliner of the Gods.

Eyeliner of the Gods
2001: Smooch
Sixteen-year-old aspiring journalist January James, a pushy girl named Chloe, and the handsome Seth, become involved with a cursed bracelet. The narrative in part parallels Chloe, Queen of Denial.
Moss, Marissa
Max's Mystical Logbook
2004: New York: Scholastic
Max records his account of his school project on Egypt, which he's undertaken with his best friend. They hope that an Egyptian love potion will reunite Max's divorced mother and father.
Pascal, Francine
3 --
Curse on Elizabeth

A field trip takes the kids to an exhibit of artifacts from the tomb of King Ramses XIII, which is alleged to be cursed.
Pol, Anne-Marie
14 --
Si j'était Cléopâtre...
[French:  If I Were Cleopatra...]
2001: Pocket
Nina's family has moved to Cairo, and her father has decided that she must give up dancing.
Scott, Virginia M.
Balancing Act
1997: Butte
A mother tells the story of her deaf teenage daughter, who walks with a cane, and her two deaf sisters, as they deal with the breakup of the marriage while on vacation in Egypt.
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
The Egypt Game
Newbery Honor Book
1967: New York: Atheneum
The kids are pretending to be in ancient Egypt, but something truly sinister is going on outside.
Wilson, Jacqueline
The Cat Mummy
2001: London: Doubleday
2001: London:  BBC Consumer Publishing (audio)
2002: London: Random House
2002: Yearling
2002: London:  BBC Cover to Cover (audio)
Mabel can't bear to part with her cat Verity, even after Verity dies.  Then she remembers that the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead cats....
Woodson, Marion
My Brother's Keeper 7/06
2002:  Raincoast Books
The remains of a Egyptian-inspired cult from the 1930s haunt 13-year-old Sarah on Vancouver Island.

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MYSTERY & ADVENTURE: Ancient Setting

Alter, Robert Edmund
The Treasure of Tenakertom
New York: G. P. Putnam
A slave and a general's son go in search of the city of Tenakertom.
Jones, Ruth Fosdick
Boy of the Pyramids
Jack & Jill Prize
1950: New York: Random House
Jack & Jill (serialized as "Young Master Kaffe")
An Egyptian boy and a slave girl solve a mystery.
King, Clive
The Twenty Two Letters
1986:  Puffin
Aleph, an apprentice scribe, has taught his sister Beth the sacred secret of the alphabet. Can the game they play with the letters save their country when both an active volcano and the Egyptian empire threaten?
Morgan, De Wolfe
Messenger to the Pharaoh
1966: New York: Scholastic (as Great Pyramid Mystery, Messenger to the Pharaoh)
Two boys discover a plot to dethrone the pharaoh and interrupt completion of his pyramid.
Neavles, Janet
Mystery of the Pharaoh's Treasure
1963: Philadelphia: J B. Lippincott (illus. Luciana Roselli)
During the reign of Hatshepsut, a boy tries to prove that his brother is innocent of theft.
Palmer, Myron Tim
The Egyptian Necklace
1961: Boston: Houghton Mifflin
Two boys, Ar and Pta, find themselves condemned and sealed within the king's tomb.
Wooderson, Philip
2 -- The Fearful Pharaoh
2000: Franklin Watts
Young Ptony has to save the day when his Dad, a bad businessman, gets arrested before Pharaoh Armenlegup's big celebration.
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Akers, Floyd (= Baum, Frank L.)
The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt

1908: Chicago: Reilly & Britton
Appleton, Victor
Don Sturdy in the Tombs of Gold, or The Old Egyptian's Great Secret

1925: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
Arthur, Robert
The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy

1965: New York: Random House
1978: New York: Random House
Mystery surrounds a mummy and its coffin in an American museum.
No More Magic
1990:  Bullseye
Among the suspects in the theft of Chris's bicycle are a one-legged nurse and a mummy.
Blaine, John
16 --
The Egyptian Cat Mystery

1961: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
Borer, M. Cathcart
Taha the Egyptian
1937: London: Pitman
A story about an excavation. The author participated in Sir Robert Mond's expedition to Armant.
Bradman, Tony
3 -- The Case of the Missing Mummy
A mummy goes missing from a museum.  It's up to Sam Marlow, girl detective, to investigate.
Carlton, Lucy
5 --
Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy

Christian, Catherine
The Pharaoh's Secret
1940: London: Lutterworth Press
Two girls go in search of the Tomb of the Forsaken Pharaoh.
Christie, Agatha
"The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb"

1998: Detective Stories, ed. Philip Pullman: Larousse Kingfisher Chambers [intro by Nick Hardcastle]
[for other publication, see in Mysteries & Thrillers]
Belgian Inspector Poirot investigates deaths associated with the excavation of a royal tomb.
Cooney, Caroline B.
2000: New York: Scholastic
A teen with a reputation as a "good girl" but a secret longing to do bad helps her friends steal a mummy from a museum.
Dixon, Franklin W.
17 -- The Secret Warning
1938: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
1966: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
The boys investigate the loss of a pharaoh's treasure in a mysterious shipwreck.

63 -- The Mummy Case
1980: New York: Grosset & Dunlap/Wanderer (illus. Leslie H. Morrill)
Following the theft of five statuettes from a museum, the boys head for Egypt.
Doyle, Peter Reese
2 --
Trapped in Pharaoh's Tomb

1993: Colorado Springs: Focus on the Family.
Mark, Penny, and their friend David find themselves trapped in an Egyptian tomb by their arch-enemy, Hoffman.
Edwards, Leo
Jerry Todd and the Whispering Mummy

Frazer, Renee
Loyal to the Boy Sheik
1949: Schoolgirls' Own Library 65
Gilmour, Anne
Queen Shemarna's Secret
1960: Schoolgirls' Own Library 328
A tablet reveals the location of a buried Egyptian treasure.
Hardy, Tad
3 --
Treasure of the Hidden Tomb

1997: Chariot Victor
On a dig in Egypt, Rachel finds a golden statue of a beetle containing a mummified thumb.
Hechtman, Betty Jacobson
Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti's Necklace: A Mystery with Recipes 
2006: Brown Barn 
The people Blue is babysitting for accuse her of stealing a necklance that once belonged to the Egyptian queen.
Heide, Forence Parry
The Mystery of the Mummy's Mask

1979: Morton Grove, Illinois: Albert Whitman & Co. (illus. Seymour Fleishman)
The Club becomes involved with a mummy mask and some shady art dealers.
Heisenfelt, Kathryn
Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx

1933: Whitman
Hildick, E. W.
The Case of the Muttering Mummy
1986: Simon & Schuster
A boy's purchase of a cat statuette at a museum attracts the attention of an Egyptologist.
Holding, James
The Mystery of the False Fingertips
1964: New York: Harper & Row
An Egyptian king's gold false fingertips are stolen from a museum.
Hope, Laura Lee
59 -- Their Camel Adventure
A priceless horse statue that a wealthy Egyptian wants to give to the museum, and a valuable racing camel, are stolen.

14 -- The Mystery of the Missing Mummy
Jacks, Marie
13 --
Revenge of the Mummy

1996: New York: Scholastic
Judd, Frances K.
1 --
The Sacred Feather

1963: Berkley Highland
A fire-worshiping Egyptian cultist kidnaps Kay.
Keene, Carolyn
Secrets of the Nile
Kelland, Clarence Buddington
Mark Tidd in Egypt

1925: American Boy Magazine (March, December) (parts of a serialization?)
1925: Sprague Publishing Co.
1926: Harper & Brothers
1926: Grosset & Dunlap
Kendrick, Michael
The Curse of Set-Ra-Kahtep
1948: London: Gerald G. Swann (illus.)
An Egyptian mummy.
Knox, Thomas W.
The Boy Travellers in the Far East Part Fourth: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Egypt and the Holy Land

1883: New York: Harper & Brothers
Leonard, Bertha
"The Mummy at Greylands"
n.d. (1940s-1950s): Popular Stories for Boys: London: Birn Brothers
Lesley, Martine
Morgan Swift and the Riddle of the Sphinx

1986: New York: Random House
1988: Hippo Paperback
A rock video tour turns into terror for high school chemistry teacher Morgan Swift and her students.
Logan, Claudia (text) & Sweet, Melissa (illustrations)
The 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle: Solving a Mystery of Ancient Egypt
2002: New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
The visit by a family to the Giza cemetery 7000 X expedition led by (real) Egyptologist George Andrew Reisner in 1924-25, as recorded in the diary of young Will Hunt. Includes factual sidebars, numerous illustrations etc.
Lord, Athena V.
Z.A.P., Zoe, and the Musketeers
1992: New York: Macmillan
Two Greek-American kids find all kinds of trouble in Albany, New York, in the year 1941 -- including with some mummies in the local museum.
Maddock, R. B.
Corrigan and the Tomb of Opi

1957: London: Thomas Nelson & Sons
Bob Corrigan and his friend Shrimp encounter the reincarnated high priest of Opi among the pyramids.
Masterman-Smith, Virginia
The Great Egyptian Heist
1982: New York: Scholastic/Four Winds Press
Angel and her two friends find diamonds in an Egyptian coffin.
Meyer, Kai
1 -- Die Fliessende Konigin


1 -- The Flowing Queen
2005: London: Egmont
2005: New York: Margaret K. McElderry (as The Water Mirror)
Merle, the 14-year-old apprentice of a Venetian magic mirror maker, lives in a time when Egypt's amy of mummies has conquered much of the world, but Venice is protected by the Flowing Queen.

2 -- Das Steinerne Licht
2 -- The Stone Light 
2006: London: Egmont
2006: New York: Margaret K. McElderry 
Serafin, a thief, must become an assassin to defeat the Pharaoh with the help of a sphinx.

3 -- Das Glaserne Wort
3 -- The Glass Word  
2007: London: Egmont
2007: New York: Margaret K. McElderry 
Mooser, Stephen
The Mummy's Secret
Shadow Beach Treasure Hounds
1988: Troll (illus. Leslie Merrill)
Hieroglyphs written on the back of an old photograph lead the Hounds to mystery.
Myers, Walter Dean
Tales of a Dead King
1983: New York: Morrow
Two American teens discover a plot to rob a royal tomb.
Newman, Robert
The Case of the Vanishing Corpse
1990: New York: Atheneum
A woman, jewels, and a corpse all vanish. Is the priest next door, devoted to an ancient Egyptian cult, involved?
Nixon, Joan Lowery
The House on Hackman's Hill
1985: New York: Apple/Scholastic
The dreadful goings-on in an old house are associated with a stolen Egyptian mummy; is Anubis stalking the mansion?

1 --
The Statue Walks at Night
1995: Disney Press
Is the theft at the museum an inside job?
Patchin, Frank Gee
3 --
The Battleship Boys in Foreign Service, or, Earning New Ratings in European Seas

1911: Akron, Ohio: Saalfield
Adventures in the desert and in secret passages beneath a pyramid are in store for the boys when on shore leave in Egypt.
Paulsen, Gary
The Curse of the Cobra
1977 (illus. John Asquith)
Malcom, more usually known as Mallard, goes in search of a missing ancient Egyptian amulet.
Peck, Richard
Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death

New York: Dell
1994: New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers
When a mummy goes missing, Blossom and Alexander might be next.
Powell, Diane M.
"The Menkausus Affair"
1964: Cherry Ames Girls Annual 1964: World Distributers Ltd
Two girls find danger while on vacation in Egypt. (Not a Cherry Ames story.)
Rainey, William
Abdulla: The Mystery of an Ancient Papyrus
No Date (1928): London: Wells Gardner & Darton
The search for a lost treasure.
Richards, Frank
"The Shadowed Schoolboy"
Egyptian Holiday series
1932: Magnet (serialized nos. 1277 - 1284)
1969: London: Howard Baker (as Billy Bunter in the Land of the Pyramids: The Magnet)
1971: London: W. Collins & Sons  (as Billy Bunter's Bad Luck)
1972:New York: Armada Books (as Billy Bunter on the Nile)
British schoolboys get mixed up with the Golden Scarab of A-Menah. Possibly also published as Billy Bunter's Bargain (1971: Amarda)
Richards, Justin
The Web of Anubis
The Invisible Detective 6
Four English children who in the 1930s act as "the Invisible Detective" must go looking for an exhibit that has disappeared from the British Museum, while in the present, Arthur and Sarah have to untangle the rest of the mystery.
Roy, Lillian Elizabeth
Polly in Egypt
Polly Brewster
1928: New York: Grosset & Dunlop
Polly, having just departed wartime Hong Kong, cruises the Nile on Mr. Dalken's yacht.
Schultz, Barbara
The Secret of the Pharaohs
1962: Bobbs Merrill
Adventure set in Egypt in 1881.
Shaffer, Robert
The Crocodile Tomb
1957: New York: Henry Holt (illus. Laszlo Matulay)
A quest for the mummies of sacred crocodiles hidden during the time of the "heretic king" Akhenaten.
Sibley, Raymond
The Mummy
1985: Loughborough: Ladybird
The presence of a mummy disrupts life for three students at Oxford University. Relling of "Lot No. 249" by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Silverberg, Robert
Mask of Akhnaten
1965: New York: Macmillan
A boy and his uncle, a journalist, accompany an archaeological excavation in preparation for the building of the Aswan High Dam.
Smeaton, Oliphant
A Mystery of the Pacific
Travelers encounter Atlanteans (who seem to have Egyptian cultural influences) and lost descendents of the Romans in the South Pacific.
Steiner, Barbara
The Mummy
1996: Point Horror/Scholastic UK
Lana loves ancient Egypt, and even wears her hair like a queen. Someone wants her to make a romantic connection with Prince Nefra, which would be great if he hadn't died thousands of years ago.
Stott, Jennet
Abby's Egyptian Adventure!
Star Girl 16
2000: Star Girl Book Club
Abby and Emily crack the code of strange symbols they find in a mysterious diary.
Strickland Taylor, Irene
In Quest of Hatasu
No date: London: The Religious Tract Society
The adventures of Eleanor and Dick in Egypt; "Hatasu" is presumably Hatshepsut.
Thomas, Jerry D.
2 --
Detective Zack and the Secret in the Sand

1993: Pacific Press
Zack and his dad help Dr. Doone film a documentary about archaeology and the Bible.
Trout, Richard
3 --
Falcon of Abydos: Oracle of the Nile

2001: Langmarc
Twain, Mark (= Clemens, Samuel)
Tom Sawyer Abroad

Aerie Books/Wal-Mart
Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Jim travel abroad in a balloon, with a stop at the pyramids of Giza.
Vincent, John

1993: Fantail
Pharaoh Fearo is using ancient treasures to finance his scheme to seize all the world's oil supply. James must battle the Pharaoh and his S.C.U.M. allies to save the world from blackmail.
Voigt, Cynthia
The Vandemark Mummy
1991: New York: Atheneum
1992: London: HarperCollins
The twelve-year-old son and teen-age daughter of a classics professor must discover why thieves are interested in the college's collection.
Wallace, Karen
The Secret of the Crocodiles 
2005: London: Simon & Schuster UK
Lady Violet Winters, her parents, and their male American ward encounter tomb robbers in Egypt.
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
88 --
The Mystery of the Mummy's Curse

2002: Albert Whitman & Co.
The local museum is hosting an exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifiacts, including a 4,000-year-old mummy, and ever since the mummy arrived, things have been going wrong.
Westerman, Percy F.
The Westow Talisman
1934: London: Blackie & Son (illus. W. E. Wigfull)
Colin Standish must fly a stone from the British Isles to Egypt.
Western, Gail
Her Strange Role in Egypt
1950: Schoolgirls' Own Library 85

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FANTASY & HORROR:  Ancient Setting
(including retold myths & legends)
Baikie, James
Wonder Tales of the Ancient World
1915 (illus.)
Boshinski, Blanche
Aha and the Jewel of Mystery
1968: New York: Parents' Magazine Press
An Egyptian cat accidentally winds up in Mesopotamia.
Bradshaw, Gillian
The Dragon and the Thief
1991: New York: Greenwillow
An Egyptian fisherman helps a dragon named Hathor.

The Land of Gold
1992: New York: Greenwillow
The dragon Hathor and her Egyptian friends aid a Nubian princess. Sequel to The Dragon and the Thief
Brooksbank, F. H.
Legends of Ancient Egypt: Stories of Egyptian Gods and Heroes
1914: London: George Harrap & Co. (illus Evelyn Paul)
Clarke, Mary Byrd
Sothis, Star of Egypt 
1999: Disc-US Books
Gifted with telepathy, virgin priestess of Isis in Alexandria finds herself in love with a priest and in contact with the Cosmic Council.
Dickinson, Peter
The Blue Hawk 
Guardian Award
1985: Puffin
After removing the sacrificial blue hawk from the temple, the boy-priest Tron finds himself in secret passages, fighting battles and dark intrigues. Set in an Egyptianesque kingdom.
Dolch, Edward & Dolch, Marguerite
Stories From Old Egypt
1964: Champaign, IL: Garrard Publishing (illus. Gordon Laite)
Fischer, Inge
Christophe in Egypt: The Odyssey of Pharaoh's Cat
1968: New York: Lion Press
The adventures of an Egyptian court cat.
Fisher, Catherine
1 -- The Oracle
2003: London: Hodder & Stoughton/Hodder's Children's Books
2004: New York: Greenwillow (as The Oracle Betrayed)
A teenage girl, an atheist in an Egyptian-like culture, discovers that the god she serves is real.

2 -- The Archon
2004: London: Hodder & Stoughton/Hodder's Children's Books
New York:  Greenwillow (as The Sphere of Secrets)
A god appoints a teenage boy to be king, but the General craves the royal power.

3 -- The Scarab
2005: London: Hodder & Stoughton/Hodder's Children's Books
2006: New York:  Greenwillow (as The Day of the Scarab)
The forces of good scatter -- including into the underworld -- in an attempt to defeat the General and restore order.
Green, Roger Lancelyn
"Isis and Osiris"
1967: Tales of Ancient Egypt, Roger Lancelyn Green: Puffin
1996: Cricket 24.2 (October) (pp. 11-16) (cover illus. Rui de Oliveira; int. illus. Friso Henstra)
A retelling of this ancient Egyptian story, in which the god Osiris is murdered by his brother; Osiris's wife Isis goes in search of his body.

Tales of Ancient Egypt
1967: Puffin
Puffin Audiobooks (abridged; read by Alex Jennings, Rula Lenska, David Rintoul)
A collection of stories retold from ancient Egyptian myth and history.
Marston, Elsa
The Ugly Goddess
A statue of the hippopotamus-goddess Taweret advises a fourteen-year-old Egyptian princess, a young Greek soldier, and a lowly shopkeeper on a quest to save Egypt.
Roberts, Katherine
The Great Pyramid Robbery
The Seven Fabulous Wonders
Collins Voyager
On the verge of adulthood, a boy gifted with magical powers accidentally becomes involved with a theft from the pyramid of Khufu.
Stewart, Mary
"The Doomed Prince" 
1916: Tell Me a Hero Story, Mary Stewart: (illus. S. M. Palmer): Fleming H. Revell Co.
A retelling of the ancient Egyptian story of a prince fated to be killed by a snake, a crocodile, or a dog.
Untermeyer, Louis
Cat O' Nine Tales
1971: American Heritage Press (illus. Lawrence Di Fiori)
A cat tells the nine stories of his nine lives, the first one being in ancient Egypt.
Weulersse, Odile 
Les Pilleurs de sarcophages [French: The Sarcophagus Sackers]
2001: Paris: Hachette Jeunesse
A boy named Tetiki experiences life-endangering adventures.

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FANTASY & HORROR:  Modern Setting

Adams, Andy
9 --
The Egyptian Scarab Mystery

1963: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
Armed with a golden scarab, Biff finds his quest for a lost tomb dogged by the mummy of its architect and the cult of Thoth.
Allen, Derek
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
While awaiting full resurrection, the spirit of an Egyptian princess temporarily possesses the daughter of an Egyptologist. Retelling of Jewel of the Seven Stars by Bram Stoker.
Applegate, K. A.
9 --
Inside the Illusion

Everworld 9
2001: New York: Scholastic
Five high school students brought into the bizarre world of Everworld (created by gods of several pantheons) search for the mother of one of their group in Egypt, which has been conquered by Amazons. Other books in this series might feature Egyptian gods as characters.
Armitage, Vincent
The Valley of Secrets! A Vivid Yarn of Amazing and Sensational Adventure in Egypt
1926: London: Amalgamated/Boys' Friend Library
Aston, B.G.
The Eye of the God
1927: London: Blackie (illus. A. E. Haswell Miller)
Descendants of the ancient Egyptians survive underground.
Barcott, Richard
The Mummies' Treasure
2002: Lightning Source
Two boys tangle with tomb-robbers and the mummies guarding the tomb they are trying to plunder.
Bellair, John
The Curse of the Blue Figurine
1983: New York: Bantam Skylark
A boy fascinated by ancient Egyptian magic finds himself trapped in a magical world.
Burchett, Jan & Vogler, Sara
Bones and Groans

1998: Macmillan Children's Books
George and his seven small spook friends must help King Tootingham find his Mummy.
Cary, Kate
Gemma James' Egyptian Adventure

1997: (Australia): FunFax
Gemma findss an ancient box containing jewelry and a weird poem hidden in a cave.
Coffin, M. T. (= Stanley, George Edward)
15 --
Escape from the Haunted Museum

1996: New York: Avon
Exhibits in a museum -- from New Guinea headhunters to Egyptian mummies -- come to life, to the horror of the kids caught in the museum after closing.
Cronin, Bernard
The Treasure of the Tropics 
1928: London: Ward Lock
Egyptian civilization survives beneath Australia.
Curry, Jane Louise
The Egyptian Box
2002: Margaret McElderry
A girl finds that the shabti figurine she has inherited from her uncle is magical -- and her servant.
Daniels, Zoe
1 -- The Dream

1995: New York: Berkley Publishing
Dexter, Catherine
The Gilded Cat
1992: New York: Morrow
At a yard sale, a girl buys what turns out to be a mummified kitten.
Dorsey, Angela
8 -- Sobekkare's Revenge
2006: Stabenfeldt
An ancient curse Queen Sobekkare laid upon horses effects even Angelica, the Horse Angel, so it's up to Jumana and her horse Nefret so save the day.
Elmokadem, Shirley
Scarab Eyes 
2005: Weston super Mare, Somerset (UK): Manuscript & Publishing Agency (illus. Al Pobjoy)
A girl who goes to live with her mother in Egypt received a scarab necklace from an Egyptian boy and helps him deliver his family from an ancient curse.
Garmon, Larry Mike
4 --
Book of the Dead: The Mummy

2002: New York: Scholastic
Monster-hunters Nina, Joe, and Bob are after a mummy and there's trouble at the local museum.
Gallico, Paul
A cat tells the story of her own murder at the hand of her young owner's father, who is a veterinarian, after which, with the aid of a witch, she becomes an avenging descendent of the Egyptian cat-goddess.
Gilson, Charles
The Lost City, being the Authentic Account by Professor Miles Unthank of the Search for the Sarcophagus of Serophis, & the Theft of the Mystic Scarab, formerly in the British Museum
1923: London: The Boy's Own Paper Office
Ancient Egyptians in modern Sudan.

The Pirate Aeroplane
1913: London: Hodder & Stoughton (illus. Christopher Clark)
Travelers find descendants of the ancient Egyptians who inhabit a hidden land in North Africa.  Then along comes an airman intent upon acquiring the Asmalians' vast amounts of gold.
Harte, Julia
Mystic Shapes
A magical ring that has in the past transported Callie to various times and places, including an Egyptian pyramid, is sought by twelve-year-old Callie's aunt and uncle so that they can rule the world.
Jacques, Brian
"The Fate of Thomas P. Kanne"
1991: Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, by Brian Jacques: Philomel
Thomas's vandalism leads him to an Egyptian exhibition.
Johns, W. E.
Biggles Flies South

1935: Oxford: Oxford University Press/Pyramid
1940: The Biggles Flying Omnibus, by W. E. Johns: Oxford: Oxford University Press
1946: Melbourne: Oxford University Press
1951: London: Brockhampton
1966: London: Armada/Mayfair
1983: The Bumper Biggles Book, W. E. Johns: London: Chancellor Press 
Biggles na stope
Biggles Flyver Sydpaa
1948: Copenhagen: Povl Branners Forlag
French (Paule Brizard):
Biggles en Égypte
1950: Arthaud
A forced landing in the desert brings Biggles, Algy, and Ginger into many dangers -- and into contact with the lost spear of the ancient warrior Mazeus.
Johnston, Tony
The Mummy's Mother
2003: Blue Sky Press/Scholastic
The mummy of a boy goes in search of his mother, when archaeologists take her mummy from their tomb.
Johnstone, Michael
The Mummy From Mars

The Spook Files Omnibus I
Twins Phil and Carrie Potter confront an ancient mummy that has been possessed by an alien.
Jones, Allan Frewin
1 -- Legend of the Pharaoh's Tomb 
Olivia, Josh, and Olivia's father seek the Talismans of the Moon.
Ingram, Fiona
The Secret of the Sacred Scarab NEW 3/09
2009: iUniverse
Two boys acquire three scarabs that can lead them to the tomb of the ancient Egyptian ruler known as the Scarab King.
Karr, Kathleen
Gideon and the Mummy Professor
1993: New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
In 1855, a mummy gives a traveling showman's twelve-year-old son a tip about the tomb of Tutankhamen.
Katz, Fred E.
9 --
Tuck Me In, Mummy

1997: Thomas Nelson
Sister and brother encounter living mummies in the museum.
Kendrick, Rosalyn
Bride of the Nile
1998: Dublin: Wolfhound Press
On a visit to Egypt, a sixteen-year-old Irish girl discovers that she is the reincarnation of a princess who refused to bear her own father's child. The pharaoh's descendents are out to see that that ancient seed should bear fruit.
Kehret, Peg
Sisters Long Ago
1990: New York: Dutton/Cobblehill
1990: New York: Penguin
A near-drowning gives a girl two visions, one of which is of her past life in ancient Egypt, through which she learns to deal with her sister's struggle with leukemia.
Kerr, Philip
1 --
The Akhenaten Adventure

2004: New York: Scholastic
Twins in a wealthy New York family discover that they are descended from a long line of djinn; they must find the tomb of Akhenaten, which is said to contain seventy of their kind.
Krebs, Franck
Tom Cox et l'Oeil du pharaon
[French: Tom Cox and the Eye of the Pharaoh]
2004: Seuil
Tom must rescue his friend Cassandra from the Master of Darkness, who has kidnapped her to Egypt.
LaFevers, R. L.
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos 
2007: Houghton Mifflin (illus. by Yoko Tanaka)
An 11-year-old English girl who is sensitive to the presence of magic must confront secret societies and a cursed scarab that could destroy Britain. Set in 1906.
Lampen, Charles Dudly
Mirango the Man-Eater:  A Tale of Central Africa, Being the Narrative of George Pryce, Traveller and Exile, First Writ Down Anno Domini 1706, and Now Retold 
No Date (1899): London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Descendants of the ancient Egyptians are found in central Africa.
Latimer, John
The Last Pharaoh
1970: New York: Thomas Nelson
An expedition hunting for live dinosaurs in Africa stumbles across a lost Egyptian kingdom.
Laybourn, Emma
Mummy Mania
Two kids playing a game of "dare" accidentally set loose an ancient mummy upon modern Britain.
Lee, Patricia
History at Her Fingertips 
(Australia): Anno Domini 2000
The mother of a high school student can summon historical objects, including from ancient Egypt.
Levithan, David
The Mummy
1999: New York: Scholastic
Novelization of the 1999 movie of the same name.
Marlowe, John
"The Lost City"
1937: The New Book of the Air, ed. Howard Leigh: Oxford: Oxford University Press
Young aviators find ancient Egyptians in the Arabian desert.
Martin, Les
2 --
Tomb of Terror

1990: Random House
In 1913, Indy and a German archaeologist are led to a hidden tomb by an ancient ring.
McCaughrean, Geraldine
"Isis and Osiris: an Egyptian Myth"
1999: The Crystal Pool: Myths and Legends of the World, Geraldine McCraughrean: New York: Margaret K. McElderry
McMullan, Kate
Under the Mummy's Spell
1995: Farrar Straus Giroux
A seventh-grade boy finds himself enlisted by the spirit of a dead princess find her treasure and defeat a wicked sorceress.
McSkimming, Geoffrey
Cairo Jim and Doris in Search of Martenarten: A Tale of Archaeology, Adventure and Astonishment

Hodder Headline
Poet and archaeologist Cairo Jim, along with Doris the hieroglyph-reading parrot and Brenda the wonder camel, go in search of the tomb of the pharaoh Martenarten.

Cairo Jim and the Secret Sepulchre of the Sphinx: A Tale of Incalculable Inversion
Hodder Headline
Someone is out to ruin Cairo Jim's hard-won reputation.

Cairo Jim and the Sunken Sarcophagus of Sekheret: A Tale of Mayhem, Mystery, and Moisture
Hodder Headline
Cairo Jim and his companions go in search of archaeologist Captain Neptune F. Bone, who went missing while diving for a royal sarcophagus in the Red Sea.
Mitchell, Mark
The Tale of the Egyptian Mummies

1998: Minstrel
A dying girl, her best friend, an archaeologist father, and the Rat Witches of ancient Egypt.
Montgomery, Richard R. (house name = Doughty, Francis Worcester)
"I," a Story of Strange Adventure 
1887: The Boys of New York (serialized 23 July - 3 September)
1902: Pluck & Luck #217 (30 July)
Female warriors and a lost quasi-Egyptian/Assyrian city found.
Nesbit, E.
The Magic City
1958: London: Ernest Benn Ltd. (illus. H. R. Millar)
When Philip is left by his older half-sister, who is raising him but goes off on a honeymoon, he discovers the magic of a city he built with odds and ends (including Egyptian bronze figurines) has a reality all its own.
Norris, Christine
2--The Ankh of Isis
2009: Samhain Publishing
Pike, Christopher
The Visitor
1995: New York: Pocket
Terror, aliens and ancient Egyptian gods.
Sampson, Derek
Follow That Pharaoh
series title?
1997: FunFax
Twins Josie and Martin go after the resurrected King Ozymandias, who is bullying their neighbors and calling up a plague of frogs.
Service, Pamela
The Reluctant God
1988: New York: Atheneum
1990: New York: Fawcett Juniper
Entombed in suspended animation, a 12th-Dynasty prince is revived by the 14-year-old daughter of an archaeologist.
Stamper, J. B.
"The Egyptian Coffin"
1977: Tales for the Midnight Hour, J. B. Stamper: New York: Scholastic/Apple
Stine, Megan & Stine, William
The Mummy Awakes 
1993: Random House
A murderous mummy.
Stine, R. L.
Diary of a Mad Mummy
Give Yourself Goosebumps 10
1996: New York: Scholastic
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
Goosebumps 5
1993: New York: Scholastics 
Le Tombeau de la momie
Chair de Poule 6
An American boy and his cousin, an Egyptian girl, meet a mummy in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The Mummy Walks
Goosebumps 2000 Series 16
1999: New York: Scholastic
1999: New York: Parachute Press (Braille, 2 volumes)
Michael knows the secret to a mummy's whereabouts, but doesn't know he's a prince of the land of Jezekiah.

"Mummy with My Face" 
1998: Goosebumps Triple Header 2: New York: Scholastic
Two kids get lost in a pyramid with living dead mummies.

Return of the Mummy
Goosebumps 23
1994: New York: Scholastic
Sequel to The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb.
Stoker, Bram
The Jewel of Seven Stars
1972: New York: Scholastic
The spirit of an Egyptian princess temporarily inhabits the daughter of an Egyptologist while awaiting full resurrection.
Strang, Herbert
The Heir of a Hundred Kings 
1924: London: Oxford University Press (cover & int. illus D. C. Eyles)
Lost race of Egyptians.
Strong, Jeremy
Let's Do the Pharaoh!
2004: London: Puffin
The pharaoh Sennapod has now spawned a dance craze -- and criminal interest in his treasure map. Sequel to There's a Pharaoh in Our Bath!

There's a Pharaoh in Our Bath!
1997: Penguin
A family shelters the mummified pharaoh Sennapod, who has been disturbed by two scholars reading the Curse of Anubis.
Ury, Allen B.
9 -- Tomb of Eternity 
1998: Lowell House
Two middle-school kids get trapped in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.
Weinberg, Larry
The Curse
Dark Forces 13
When she visits an Egyptian exhibition on a field trip, Dana discovers that the horrific dreams that have haunted her since childhood are about to come true.
Weiss, Ellen & Friedman, S. M.
Take the Mummy and Run
Carmen Sandiego
1997: HarperCollins
Two Australian kids must find the gold coffin of Tutankhamen, which was stolen on its way to an exhibition.
Weyn, Suzanne
2008: New York: Scholastic 
Through a series of reincarnations, including one in ancient Egypt, a young man and woman find each other.
Wise, William
Christopher Mouse 
2004: Bloomsbury USA (illus. Patrick Benson)
A mouse has adventures, including in the Egyptian galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   
Wolverton, Dave
The Curse of the Nile
The Mummy Chronicles 3
2001: New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell
Alex O'Connel goes on his "lone walk" to become a Med-jai and finds the Scorpion King is back again.

Flight of the Phoenix
The Mummy Chronicles 4
2001: New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell
Alex O'Connel returns to Egypt to resume his training as a Med-jai, but his teacher, Ardeth Bey, has other ideas.

Heart of the Pharaoh
The Mummy Chronicles 2
2001: New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell
Germans have uncovered Cleopatra's tomb, and Alex must help the half-living mummies trapped within.

Revenge of the Scorpion King
The Mummy Chronicles 1
2001: New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell
Twelve-year-old Alex O'Connel discovers the Scorpion King is looking for revenge.  Set in the milieu of the 1999 movie "The Mummy."
Woodruff, Elvira
The Magnificent Mummy Maker
1994: New York: Scholastic/Apple
The mummy of a priestess gives a ten-year-old American boy strange powers.
Wyborn, Arthur
De Geheimzinnige Dalen
No Date: Baarn: De Verkenner 
The Mysterious Valleys 
1952: London: Frederick Warne (frontis. illus. Aub Stapleton)
A plane crash leads to the discovery of Egyptianesque mystics in New Guinea.
Young, Alida E.
Return to the Tomb of Death
1990: Worthington Press
Sequel to Terror in the Tomb of Death.  Don must rescue his brother from a curse.

Terror in the Tomb of Death
1988: Worthington Press
In Egypt, Don's parents are missing, and it might be the result of an ancient curse.
Yoxall, J. H.
The Lonely Pyramid: a tale of adventure, being the strange experiences of Roy Lefevre in the desert during the year 1884
1892: London: Blackie & Son  (illus. W. S. Stacey)
A lost race in Egypt.
Zach, Cheryl
The Mummy's Footsteps
The Mind Over Matter 1
1997: William Morrow
Two kids, one a computer expert, the other a psychic, encounter mystery.
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Bell, Clare
Tomorrow's Sphinx
Ratha 5
1986: New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books
1988: New York: Dell/Laurel-Leaf Fantasy
The story of two black cheetahs living in Egypt, one in a traumatized future, the other in the days of Tutankhamen.
Brouwer, Sigmund
Pharaoh's Tomb
Cyber Quest 1
Thomas Nelson
Mok is trapped in a virtual-reality Egypt where he must make a life-or-death decision based on his memory of an audio book of the Galilee Man's teachings.
DeChancie, John
Living with Aliens
A thirteen-year-old boy and girl are taken on a first date by two aliens, who take them to Mars and Egypt.
Devin, Dean & Emmerich, Roland
1994: New York: Puffin (illus. motion picture stills)
Novelization of the movie of the same name.
Dicks, Terrance
The Pyramid Incident
The Unexplained 7
1999: London: Piccadilly Press
Matt and Professor Stirling investigate strange goings-on in Egypt, which might be the result of terrorists or aliens.
Doyle, Noreen
"Shadow of the Pyramid"
2000: Bruce Coville's UFOs, ed. Bruce Coville: New York: Avon/Camelot (pp. 1-7)
Aliens visit the Giza Plateau during the reign of Khufu and take a very personal interest in the king's brother.
Ellerby, Leona
King Tut's Game Board
1980: Lerner
A boy on vacation in Egypt discovers mystery.
Korman, Gordon
Your Mummy is a Nose Picker
2000: New York: Hyperion
A boy and his friend from another planet travel back in time to the Nile Delta to find a flower that will make all alien visitors sneeze.
Pond, Roy
The Mummy King's Realm
Arrowflight 1
1994: Sydney, Austalia: Albatross Books Australia
Oxford: Lion Publishing
A young Egyptologist encounters a fantastic predynastic realm of gods and magical amulets.

The Mummy Monster Game (= The Mummy's Revenge)
1993: Norwood, South Australia: Omnibus/Scholastic, Australia
1996: New York: Apple/Scholastic (as The Mummy's Revenge)
A super-realistic computer game set in ancient Egypt proves to be more than merely super-realistic and more than merely a game.

The Mummy Rescue Mission
1995: Norwood, South Australia: Omnibus/Scholastic, Australia
A computer game involving the rescue of an archaeologist is one of life and death. Sequel to The Mummy Tomb Hunt.

The Mummy Tomb Hunt (= The Mummy's Tomb)
1994: Norwood, South Australia: Omnibus/Scholastic, Australia
Apple/Scholastic (as The Mummy's Tomb)
A hand-held computer game bought in Cairo provides more trouble for Josh, Amy, and Harry. Sequel to The Mummy Monster Game.

Pharaoh Seekers
1992: Sydney, Austalia: Albatross Books Australia
Oxford: Lion Publishing
The curse of the ibis traps Phillip and his friends in a museum labyrinth. Sequel to Pyramid Voyagers.

Pyramid Voyagers
1991: Sydney, Austalia: Albatross Books Australia
Oxford: Lion Publishing
Phillip and his companions try to locate the artifacts and monuments that are mysteriously vanishing. Sequel to Tomb Travellers.

Tomb Travellers 
Children's Book of the Year, Australian Christian Literature Society
1992: Sydney, Austalia: Albatross Books
Oxford: Lion Publishing
Phillip, his friends, and his pharaoh hound enter the Egyptian afterlife to find Phillip's belated Egyptologist uncle.
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Alexander, Lloyd
Time Cat:  The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth
1996: Puffin
A boy and a talking cat journey through time, visiting, among other times/places, ancient Egypt.
Bradford, Emma
Kat and the Secrets of the Nile
1998: Dolls Corporation (illus. Kazuhiko Sano)
Kat travels back to an Egyptian archaeological excavation in 1892, where she must thwart a theft.
Breslin, Theresa
The Dream Master 
Dream Master 1
1999: Doubleday UK
2000: Transworld/Corgi Yearling (illus. David Wyatt)
2001: Random House
Upon waking up from a dream, boy discovers that, despite the rules of the Dream Master, he can travel back and forth between the present and the time of the pharaohs.
Chase, Katie
The Desert Princess 
2006: Red Fox
An Egyptian princess in a papyrus painting comes alive to ask for Rosie's help to cure her sister Nafretiri, who is very sick.
Cooney, Caroline B.
For All Time
Time Quartet 4
2001: Delacorte Press
2001: Toronto: Double Books for Young Readers
Modern teen-age Annie goes in search of her 19th-century love, Strat, who might be working as a photographer at Giza in 1899 -- but Annie finds herself in ancient Egypt.
French, Jackie
Phredde and the Purple Pyramid 
A Phaery Named Phredde
2003: (Australia): HaperCollins
Phredde, Prudence, and Bruce travel through a time tunnel sent by Fluffy, Queen of the Nile, who needs to be rescued by a brave and brilliant girl.
Holder, Nancy
Scarabian Nights
Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch 24
1999: Archway
Sabrina and her friends are sent to ancient Egypt, where the cat-goddess falls in love with the talking cat, Salem.
Howe, James
Screaming Mummies of the Pharaoh's Tomb II 
Tales from the House of Bunnicula 4
An orphaned daschund puppy and his friend find a time machine that transports them back to ancient Egypt, where they encounter the mystery of the pharaoh's tomb.
Jablonski, Carla
Shadow of the Sphinx
2002: New York: Simon & Schuster
Paige turns herself into a cat and is picked up as a familiar by an Egyptian-worshipping cult that transports back to ancient Egypt, while her sisters must contend with yet another dangerous "cat-woman."
Jarman, Julia
The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess 
The Time Travelling Cat
Topher, whose mother was an Egyptologist, is brought back in time by the god Horus; there he discovers that his beloved cat Ka is in grave danger during a festival of the cat-goddess.
Lewis, Hilda
The Ship that Flew
1939: Oxford: Oxford University Press
A model Viking ship that once belonged to the Norse god Frey takes four children on adventures through time, including in ancient Egypt.
London, Victoria
Lucy and The Beauty Queen
Gifted Girls 2
2002: Sparklesoup Studios
A girl with a gift for sewing goes back in time to the days of Cleopatra in search of her father.
Manzi, Edward Reynolds
Tanya Takes Room 215
Time Trav-Lrz
2003: Wheatmark
A teenage girl from another planet promises a discouraged teacher that if he'll hide her tiny people in his classroom she'll help him teach his seventh-grade class ancient history by taking him and group of select students back in time to see it first-hand. Includes a stop in ancient Egypt.
Nesbit, E.
The Story of the Amulet
Five children meet with the sand-fairy Psammead, who this time has an Egyptian amulet that takes them back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Atlantis. One of the sequels to Five Children and It.
Norton, Andre
Wraiths of Time
1976: New York: Atheneum
[for other publication, see in Science Fiction & Fantasy]
A magical ankh sweeps an African-American archaeologist back to ancient Meroë.
Odom, Mel
Mummy Dearest
Sabrina the Teenage Witch 31
2000: New York: Pocket Books
Sabrina goes back in time to visit her mother at work in the Valley of the Kings and unleashes an ancient curse that might mean her parents never meet.
Paulsen, Gary
Time Benders
World of Adventure 14
1997: Bantam
Zak the brain and Jeff the jock must decide whether or not to foil a plot to murder King Tutankhamen.
Scieszka, Jon
Tut, Tut
Time Warp Trio
1996: New York: Viking
The Trio tangles with an evil Egyptian priest during the time of King Tut.
Scott, Peter Graham
Return to the Labyrinth 
1982: London: Muller
The quest for the parts of a magical object takes three children to, among other times and places, the funeral of Tutankhamun. Based on a 1982 British television series.
Stolz, Mary
Cat in the Mirror
American Library Association Notable Book
1975: New York: Harper & Row
1978: Laurel Leaf
An unhappy New York teen shares a connection with a girl who lived thousands of years ago.
Wallace, Karen
Tutankhamun's Arrow
1998: London: HarperCollins
An arrow bought at a junk shop propels twins back in time to witness Tutankhamun's funeral.
Welsh, Theresa
Tara: initiate of Heliopolis
2000: Tucson, Arizona: Hats Off/Wheatmark, Inc.
A thirteen-year-old girl, whose parents have very different opinions as to the merits (or lack thereof) of the ancient Egyptians, is transported back to the time of Cleopatra.
Whitcher, Susan
1994: Real Mummies Don't Bleed: Friendly Tales for October Nights, by Susan Whitcher: New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Trick-or-treaters find themselves in ancient Egypt.
Williams, Maiya
The Hour of the Cobra
Fourteen-year-old time-traveler Xanthe is mistaken for the goddess Isis by Cleopatra, who is feuding with her brother, King Ptolemy.  Sequel to The Golden Hour.
Williams, Mark London
Ancient Fire 
Golden Duck Awards/Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades Honorable Mention 2001 United States
2001: Tricycle Press
Time-traveler Eli Sands and his dinosaur-boy companion fly back in time to Egypt in the year AD 415, when they meet Thea whose mother, the last librarian of Alexandria, is accused of witchcraft.
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These are books about which I have seen or heard but without enough information for me to determine what they are about, to which category they belong, or in some cases if they belong on this list at all. Help with these would be much appreciated.
Anonymous. Hob o' the Mill. 1927: Chicago: Quaker Oats Company. An elf tells the miller's son and daughter stories illustrating the importance of grain, beginning in ancient Egypt. Genre?  -- 7/04
Arab Jack (pseudonym). Arab Jack; or, The adventures of a London boy in Egypt and the Soudan. 1885: Hogarth House. (Illus.) Any involvement with ancient sites or artifacts? -- 1/04
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Demon in my View. Jessica Allodola/Ash Night. 2000: New York: Delacort. Horror novel. A teen who writes vampire fiction encounters a character from her own story, as well as an evil Egyptian vampire. Ancient Egyptian vampire?
Author? "The Great Stone Sphinx." 1966: Children's Digest (November) -- 5/03
Author? In the Land of Egypt: Stories from the Bible. 1942: Samuel Lowe Co.
Author? "The Pit of Cerastes: a story of Upper Egypt." No Date (c. 1927): London: The Schoolboy's Annual/Boy's Own Paper -- 10/03
Author? The Rameses Connection. The Tomorrow People/The Return of the Tomorrow People. The children confront an evil from ancient Egypt that could destroy everything. Involves an object called the "Rameses Cartouche" and a creature(?) called "Amtoudi." Based on the Thames Television series. -- 2/04
Author/translator? "Rhodopis (The First Cinderella story... Egyptian)." 1920: Through Fairy Halls, Bookhouse Volume Three, ed. Olive Beaupre Miller. -- 12/04
Author? "A Story of Ancient Egypt." The Boy's Own Annual. Dating to 1918 or later.
Author? [short story title?]Empire Annual for Boys. 1918. Contains a story set in Egypt. Ancient? Modern with visits to sites? -- 6/03
Baldwin, James. "A Story of Old Egypt." 1906: Brook's Readers, Fifth Year, ed. Stratton D. Brooks: American Book Company -- 5/03
Berry, Erick. The Winged Girl of Knossos. 1933: D. Appleton-Century. Minoan Crete, but is there an Egyptian connection?
Brown, Pamela. [short story title?]To Be a Ballerina and Other Stories, Pamela Brown. 1950: London: Thomas Nelson. Illus. Marcia Lane Foster. A story of smuggling in Egypt. Any ancient artifacts? -- 3/04
Brown, Pamela. [short story title?]To Be a Ballerina and Other Stories, Pamela Brown. 1950: London: Thomas Nelson. Illus. Marcia Lane Foster.  Something exciting happens in a Cairo museum. -- 3/04
Carr, Wallace.  "Pharaoh's Fan."  (no date; c. 1949): Every Girl's Annual: London: Juvenile Productions Ltd. Mystery or fantasy? Setting?-- 7/04
Channell, A. R.  The Forgotten Patrol. 1962: Children's Press. -- 7/03
Cox, Wally & Greenbaum, Everett.  The Tenth Life of Osiris Oaks. 1972: New York: Simon & Schuster (illus. F. A. Fitzgerald). Humorous novel about a mind-reading cat.  Any Egyptian connection beyond the name? -- 12/05
Dexter, Catherine. The Blue Hawk.
Daringer, Helen F. Yesterday's Daughter. 1964: New York: Harcourt, Brace & World. Illustrations by Michael A. Hampshire. Set in Greece or Greek islands in the fifth century BCE, perhaps also involves Egyptians and Persians.
Hedges, Sid G. "The Libyan Labyrinth." 1923: Chums: Fiction? Ancient Egypt? -- 5/03
Hogan, Elizabeth. The Curse of King Tut. Weekly Reader.
Hutchins, Pat. Curse of the Egyptian Mummy. 1983: New York: Greenwillow. Fantasy or mystery?
James, S. T. "Pyramid Pirates - Mummy Snatchers." 1923: Chums: Fiction? -- 5/03
Ker, David. "The Last Chance of Life: an Egyptian adventure." 1888: St. Nicholas 15.1 (November); 1888: St. Nicholas: an illustrated magazine for young folks XV.1 (bound) (January - June) (illus. H. A. Ogden) Ancient Egypt? Genre? -- 6/03
Lillington, Kenneth. Soapy and the Pharaoh's Curse. Soapy Smith. 1957: London: Heinemann (illus. Julia Faithful). Adventure? Fantasy? Mystery? -- 10/04
Manley, Seon (editor). The Ghost in the Far Garden and Other Stories. 1977: New York: Lothrop Lee & Shepard. There is an Egyptian story in this anthology, but I do not know if it involves ancient or Islamic Egypt. -- 7/03
Marriot, Janice. The Curse of Being Pharaoh. 1999: Learning Media/Orbit Chapter Books -- 10/04
McCrady, Lady. Mildred and the Mummy. 1980: Holiday House.
McDonald, Collin. [short story title?]. 1990: Nightwaves: Scary Tales for After Dark, Collin McDonald: Penguin/Cobblehill. 1992: Nightwaves: Scary Tales for After Dark, Collin McDonald: HarperTrophy.  Horror. One of the stories involves "a spirit hunter from ancient Egypt."
Montgomery, L. M. [short story title?]. 1988: Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans, L. M. Montgomery. An ancient Egyptian doll works a spell for an orphaned girl. Set on Prince Edward island, Canada.
Moore, Ishbel. Xanthe's Pyramid. 1998: Montreal: Roussan. Things begin to go wrong in the life of a 16-year-old girl when she falls for the "wrong kind of boy."  A glass pyramid her boyfriend gave her is supposed to make wishes come true. Any Egyptian connection? Is there a fantasy element or is this a mainstream novel? -- 9/04
Murray, Charles A. (Hon.) Hassan, Or the Child of the Pyramid. 1901: Edinburgh: William Blackwood & Sons.  Any involvement with ancient sites/artifacts?
Myers, Bill. I Want My Mummy. Bloodhounds, Inc. 2000: Minneapolis, Minnesota: Bethany House. The mummy of King Tut Tut 33rd goes missing, and the residents of Midvale start seeing a bandaged figure roaming the night. Mystery or fantasy/horror? -- 7/03
Najm, Ramzi. The Pharaoh's Falcon
Parker, Lois M., Princess of the Two Lands, New York: Crown; 1975, SPA Southern Publishing.
Peck, George W. Peck's Bad Boy Abroad. 1905: Thompson & Thomas.
Rathborne, St. George. Young Voyagers of the Nile or The Chase for the Fugitive Dahabeah. 1905: Akron, Ohio: Saalfield Publishing Company. Following the defeat of the British at Khartoum, young Larry Kennedy is suprised to discover an American youth camped beside the Nile. Any ancient connection (visits to ruins, etc.)?
Rodda, Emily. Cry of the Cat. Teen Power, Inc.  1994: Scholastic. Pet cats are disappearing. One of the chapter titles is "Criminals in Egypt." Any connection to Egyptian cat cults, etc.? -- 4/04
Rolt-Wheeler, Francis. The Pyramid Builder. 1929: New York: D. Appleton and Company. Fiction?
Scoville Jr., Samuel. The Snakeblood Ruby. 1932. Boy Scouts in the Wilderness. Serialized in St. Nicholas Magazine as "The Snakeblood Ruby"  (January -June, 1928) and "Rescue of the Ruby" (November, 1931 - April 1932). Possibly involves an Egyptian or Egyptian-derived crocodile cult in central Africa. -- 11/04
Standish, Burt L. "Dick Merriwell in Egypt." Frank and Dick Merriwell series. 1905: Tip Top Weekly 467 (March). Visits to ancient sites?
Sulman, T.  "The Secret of the Egyptian Pyramids." 1898: The Children's Friend 38. Fiction? -- 10/04
Trease, Geoffrey. A Ship to Rome. 1972: London: Heinemann/Long Ago Children (illus. Leslie Atkinson). 1979: When the Drums Beat and Other Stories, Geoffrey Trease: London: Piccolo (illus.). A pair of Roman children travel from Egypt to Rome and encounter adventure. Any Egyptian connection beyond the point of departure? -- 7/03
Wilson, Wingrove. "The Treasure of Sakkara." 1923: Chums: Fiction? -- 5/03
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