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Pharaohs are assassinated, Egyptologists murdered, treasures lost. Whodunnit? In ancient times and modern, there is always a sleuth near at hand.

Ancient Egypt in Fiction Introduction & Home Page

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Titles, including translations, added within the last three months are noted.

The following mysteries and thrillers feature significant elements drawn from ancient, and most especially pharaonic, Egypt.

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Bedford-Jones, H.
"Cleopatra's Amulet"
1938: Argosy 286.2 (November 19)
An Egyptian king is murdered.
Bradshaw, Gillian
"The Justice of Isis"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 358-385) 
"Esetina spravedlnost"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 361-386)
Did the Gabinian barbarian desecrate the altar of Isis with canine fecal matter, or was it someone else?
Brandau, Birgit
Der Sieger von Kadesh [German: The Victor of Kadesh]
2001: München: Deutscher Taschenbuchverlag
Murders coincide with a visit of the ambassador of Ramses II to the Hittite court, and the Hittite scribe Walwaziti must investigate: are they merely personal vendettas or more international in scope?
Brussolo, Serge
Le Labyrinthe du Pharaon [French: The Pharaoh's Labyrinth]
2000: Paris : Le Livre de poche
King Anathotep orders a talented architect named Dakomon to construct a pyramid and labyrinth to keep his body and treasure, but thieves employ Anouna, a girl with a remarkably keen nose to sniff out the royal secret.
Les Prisonničres de Pharaon [French: The Pharaoh's Prisoners]
2000: Paris : Le Livre de poche
Anouna the perfumer is among the women captured by an outlaw and taken to a lost city.  Sequel to Le Labyrinthe du Pharaon.
Christie, Agatha
Death Comes As the End
1944: New York: Red Badge Detective/Dodd, Mead & Co.
1945: London: Cooper & Pike/Collins/Crime Club
1953: London: Penguin
1959: New York: Cardinal/Pocket Books
1963: Pan
1965: Murder International: Dodd, Mead & Co.
1970: Evil Under the Sun, Death Comes as the End, the Sittaford Mystery: The Agatha Christie Crime Collection: London: Paul Hamlyn
1971: London: Fontana
1972: New York: Pocket Books
1976: Glasgow: Fontana
1985: Five Classic Murder Mysteries: New York: Avenell
2000: New York: HarperCollins 
La mort n'est pas une fin
1975: Librairie des Champs-Elysées/Club des masques
Ein Der Tod wartet Rächende Geister
C'era una volta
1963: Milan: Giallo Mondadori
The widowed daughter of a priest, recently returned to her father's large household, suspects that the death of his beautiful young concubine was no accident. Set during the Middle Kingdom.
Counihan, Deirdre
"Set in Stone"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 1-22) 
"Vytesáno do kamene"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 15-36)
The great sage Imhotep, architect of the Step Pyramid, recounts the tale of the murder of his little brother, which occurred sixty years earlier.
Doherty, Paul
1 -- The Mask of Ra
1998: London: Headline
1999: New York: St. Martin's Press
Die Maske des Ra
King Tuthmosis II returns from a campaign, only to be struck dead in Egypt.

2 -- The Horus Killings
1999: London: Headline
Die Rache des Horus
Judge Amerotke is summoned to determine whether or not a rash of murders is divine indication that Hatusu (Hatshepsut) should not become pharaoh.

3 -- The Anubis Slayings
Ancient Egypt 3 (Judge Amerotke)
Der Fluch des Anubis
Amerotke investigates theft and murder in the temple of Anubis, but will he be the next victim of a murderer who might be the god himself?

4 -- The Slayers of Seth
Die Krieger des Seth
The murder of a heroic general alarms Pharaoh Hatusu.
5 -- The Assassins of Isis 
2004: London: Headline
A sect called the Sebaus is plundering tombs, General Suten is murdered, and four handmaids from the Temple of Isis have vanished.

6 -- The Poisoner of Ptah
2007: New York: St. Martin's Press

"'Or You Can Drink the Wine. . . ?'"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 135-164) 
"'Nebo muzes vypít to vino...?'"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 147-176)
Amerotke investigates the alleged suicide of Hatusu's former nurse.

Douglas, Carole Nelson
"The Mummy Case"
1999: Cat Crimes Through Time, ed. Edward Gorman & Larry Segriff & Martin Harry Greenberg)
A sacred cat tells a tale of mystery in the king of Egypt's court.
Doyle, Noreen
"The Execration"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 79-104) 
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 91-116)
At a Nubian fortress at the end of the Twelfth Dynasty, a priest discovers that he has sacrificed the wrong man in an execration ritual.
Drake, Nick
Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead
2006: London: Bantam
2007: New York: HarperCollins
When Nefertiti disappears, Akhenaten calls upon Rai Rehotep to find her.
Dunning, James Edmund
"The King's Jewel"
1904: Harper's Weekly Magazine (10 December; Christmas)
Frank, Suzanne
"Claws of the Wind"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 253-271) 
"Spáry vetru"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 263-280)
A priestess of Anubis investigates the death of an administrator of the tomb-builders: how did he come to fall from the window during the fierce khamsin winds?
Geagley, Brad
1 -- Year of the Hyenas: a novel of murder in ancient Egypt
2005: New York: Simon & Schuster

2 -- Day of the False King: a novel of murder in ancient Babylon
2006: New York: Simon & Schuster
Gill, Anton
La cité des mensonges [French, The City of Dreams] (translated by Corine Derblum)
Mystčres égyptiens
1996: Paris: Editions 10/18
Ay is king, and Ankhesenamen, Tutankhamon's widow, has fled to the south with her son. Are the troubles the former queen has been through coincidences, or attempts to murder her and the young former heir to the throne?
City of the Dead*
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe 2
1993: London: Bloomsbury 
French (Corine Derblum):
La Cité des morts
Mystčres égyptiens
1996: Paris: Editions 10/18
La Citta dei morti
1996: Milan: Giallo Mondadori
As various factions vie for the crowns, the scribe Huy must discover the truth about the murder of Tutankhamon.
City of Desire*
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe 5
French (Corine Derblum):
La Cité du désire
Mystčres égyptiens 5
1998: Paris: Editions 10/18
After the death of King Sneferu, Kheops is now ruler of Egypt and can set about building his pyramid.
City of Dreams*
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe 3
1993: London: Bloomsbury 
La Cité des ręves
Mystčres égyptiens
1995: Paris: Editions 10/18
Huy searches Thebes for the man behind a series of killings of young girls, one so quick and efficient that it is almost impossible to tell that they have been murdered at all.
City of the Horizon*
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe 1
1991: London: Bloomsbury 
French (Corine Derblum):
La Cité de l'horizon
Mystčres égyptiens
1995: Paris: Editions 18/10
La Citta dell'Orizzonte
1995: Milan: Giallo Mondadori
La Ciudad del Horizonte
A friend of Huy's enlists his aid to investigate tomb robberies.
City of the Sea*
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe 6
French (Corine Derblum):
La Cité de la mer
Mystčres égyptiens
1999: Paris: Editions 10/18
"Lord of Storms"*
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe
1999: Chronicles of Crime: The Second Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology of Historical Crime, ed. Maxim Jakubowski: Headline
"Scorpion's Kiss"
Egyptian Mysteries/Huy the Scribe
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 228-252) 
"Polibek skorpiona"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 239-262)
King Horemheb summons Huy to investigate the death of the Chief Investigator.
Gray, Berkeley (= Edwy Searles Brooks)
Calamity Conquest
Norman Conquest
Norman Conquest inherits a Spanish country house in which an Egyptologist and others have interest.
Griffen, Claire
"Serpent at the Feast"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 23-39) 
"Had na hostine"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 37-52)
The chief physician of King Khafre becomes embroiled in the family affairs of an old friend.
Haney, Lauren (= Winkleman, Betty)[**NEWS 3/4/03**] [**NEWS 3/4/03**]
1 -- A Curse of Silence

2 --  A Vile Justice
1999: New York: Avon
Every ten days for the past month, the governor of Abu (Elephantine) has lost a member of his household to murder. When Bak is summoned to investigate, the murders continue.

3 -- A Face Turned Backward
1998: New York: Avon
The commandant of the fortress at Buhen is murdered -- or was it  an act of divine retribution?

4 -- The Right Hand of Amon
1997: New York: Avon
While overseeing the transport of a gold statue, Bak finds a murdered soldier.

5 -- A Place of Darkness
2001: New York: Avon
Returning from exile in Nubia, Bak investigates thefts and fatal accidents at the construction site of Hatshepsut's mortuary temple.

6 -- A Cruel Deceit
2002: New York: Avon
The murder of a Hittite trader mars the Feast of Opet.

7 -- Flesh of the God
2003: New York: Avon
Bak investigates a smuggling operation in Lower Nubia.

8 -- A Path of Shadows
2003: New York: Avon

"Murder in the Land of Wawat"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 165-181) 
"Vrazda v zemi Vavat"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 177-194)
The corpse of a foreign merchant with a bad reputation is found in a tomb at Buhen in Nubia.
MacIntyre, F. Gwynplaine
"The Weighing of the Heart"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 272-336)
"Vázení srdce"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 281-340)
Khnemes the Medchay investigates the death of his employer, murdered after removing the body of an ancestor's murdered servant from its grave.
Nelson, Ray Faraday
Dogheaded Death
1989: San Francisco: Strawberry Hill Press
2000: Wildside Press
A centurion of Emperor Nero's guard is sent to Alexandria to investigate the murder of a shipping magnate.
Peters, Elizabeth (= Mertz, Barbara)
"The Locked Tomb Mystery"
1989: Sisters in Crime, ed. Marilyn Wallace: Berkley
1990: The Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories - 1990, edited by Edward D. Hoch: Walker
1993: The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: London: Constable Robinson/New York: Carroll & Graf
1997: Historical Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Barnes & Noble (= 1993, The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits)
2001: Into the Mummy's Tomb, ed. John Richard Stephens: Berkley
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 182-198) 
"Záhada uzamcené hrobky"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 195-210)
Amenhotep Sa Hapu, the vizier of Amenhotep III, must discover how the selfish old woman's tomb could have been plundered when the seal on the entrance remained intact.
Rademacher, Cay 
Mord im Tal der Könige [German: Death in the Valley of the Kings]
During the reign of Merenptah, the scribe Rechmire is sent to solve a murder -- and finds himself dealing with more than just one.
Reed, Mary & Mayer, Eric
"Chosen of the Nile"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 337-357) 
"Vyvolená Nilu"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 341-360)
A man whose wife is alleged to have been killed by a crocodile approaches Herodotus to uncover the truth about her disappearance.One for Sorrow
John the Eunuch Mystery
1999: Poison Pen Press
John, Emperor Justinian's Lord Chamberlain investigates the murder of another official. An Egyptian brothel keeper knows more than he's willing to tell.
"The Oracle of Amun"
2005: The Mammoth Book of New Historical Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: London: Robinson
The Greek historian Herodotus solves another crime.
Roberts, John Maddox
The Temple of the Muses
1999: New York: St. Martin's Press
Robinson, Lynda S.
"Death of a Place-Seeker"*
1997: Crime Through Time, ed. Miriam Grace Monfredo & Sharan Newman: Berkley
Lord Meren Mystery
1999: Chronicles of Crime: The Second Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology of Historical Crime, ed. Maxim Jakubowski: Headline
Drinker Of Blood
Lord Meren Mystery 5
Meren investigates the death of Nefertiti.
Eater of Souls
Lord Meren Mystery 4
Someone or something is committing grisly murders in Memphis.
"Heretic's Dagger"
Lord Meren Mystery
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Constable Robinson (pp. 199-227) 
"Kacírova dyka"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 211-238)
Tutankhamun's pet leopard discovers a murder in the desert, linked to a dagger with the name of Akhenaten.
Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing
Lord Meren Mystery 3
Is the murder of Meren's beautiful cousin-in-law connected with an undercover operation in which Meren is involved?
Murder at the God's Gate
Lord Meren Mystery 2 
L'Agent de Pharaon
1998: Librairie des Champs-Elysées/Labyrinthes
Meren must investigate the death of a priest who fell from atop a statue, while other plots are afoot and Hittites threaten the border.
Murder in the Place of Anubis
Lord Meren Mystery 1
Slayer of Gods
Lord Meren Mystery 6
Rylance, Francis B.
Queen Nefertiti
Saylor, Steve
The Venus Throw
Roma Sub Rosa 5
1995: New York: St. Martin's 
Un Egyptien dans la Ville
1998: Paris: Editions Ramsay
Gordianus the Finder must investigate the murder of some Egyptian envoys.
Smelik, Klaas
Brief aan een Dode [Dutch]
De Ibis en de Dood [Dutch]
De tweede Dood [Dutch]
Stewart, R. H.
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books 
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 117-146)
A lector-priest who has been ordered to soothe with stories a murderous, nameless imprisoned madman is made tutor to the young daughter of Hatshepsut.
Taylor, Keith
"The Sorrow of Senusert the Mighty"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books (pp. 40-78) 
"Zal Senusreta Mocného"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 53-90)
A Kushite woman who is an expert on poisons, a lion trained as a man-killer, and intrigue in the royal court.
Todd, Marilyn
"The Wings of Isis"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books (pp. 386-409) 
"Esetina krídla"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 387-410)
Before Cleopatra's very eyes, a priestess of Bast commits suicide -- or is she murdered?
Wassermann, Sabine
Der Zorn des Seth [German: The Anger of Seth]
2001: Eichborn
A young physician, saved by the Princes Beket-Aton from execution because he carries a Seth-amulet, becomes involved with murders in the city of King Akhenaten.
Weber, Patrick
Les diners de Cléopâtre [French: Cleopatra's Dinners]
2000: Paris: Librairie des Champs-Elysées
Des ombres sur Alexandrie [French: Shadows over Alexandria]
1999: Paris: Librairie des Champs-Elysées
Cleopatra has just given birth to Caesarion, son of Julius Caesar, and murder is afoot.
Les sept papyrus [French: The Seven Papyri]
Paris: Librairie des Champs-Elysées
Because of an oracle, Cleopatra charges Apollonius the librarian with finding the seven ancient scrolls that will preserve her queenship.
Wilder, Diana M.
City of Refuge
2001: 1stBooks Library
Police Commander Khonsu finds murder and betrayal among the abandoned ruins of Amarna.
Pharaoh's Son
1999: 1stBooks Library
The ultimate cause of why a colossal statue of the king topple onto a crowd of revelers lies entangled between the royal family and the priesthood of Ptah.
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Aird, Catherine
Little Knell
Inspector Sloan
2000: New York: St. Martin's Minotaur
A museum, bequeathed an Egyptian coffin and mummy, gets more than it might have hoped for when the body of a young accountant is found in place of the mummy. What, if anything, might this have to do with the local drug smugglers?
Allen, Conrad
Murder on the Marmora
George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield 5
2004: New York: St. Martin's Minotaur
In 1908, a ship bound from England to Australia via Egypt is the site of theft and murder. Among the passengers is an Egyptologist transporting artifacts.
Arnold, Alan
Young Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Novelization of the Steven Spielberg film, in which the young Holmes and Watson, now boys at an English boarding school, encounter an evil ancient Egyptian cult operating in London.
Asensi, Matilde
El Ultimo Caton [Spanish]
2004: Random House Espańol 
The Last Cato
2006: New York: Harpercollins
Sister Ottavia Salina, a paleographer, must investigate the death of an Ethiopia who was part of a group stealing pieces of the true cross. Among those helping her investigation is an Egyptian archaeologist, with whom Ottavia falls in love.
Asher, Michael
A "ghoul" is stalking Old Cairo, and as the year 2000 approaches, it's up to a beautiful American agent and an Egyptian "sewer rat" from Aswan to solve the murders and track down a fundamentalist group thought dissolved a century before.
The Eye of Ra
1999: London: HarperCollins
An Egyptologist who believes that Egyptian civilization sprang from one much older, flees cruel Egyptian police and, among his Egyptian relations in the Western Desert, perhaps finds the tomb of Akhenaten.
Bagnall-Stubbs, James
The Order of Isis: a story of mystery and adventure in Egypt
1900: London: Skeffinigton & Son
Baxt, George
The Bette Davis Murder Case
Jacob Singer Murder
1994: New York: St. Martin's Press
Actress Bette Davis and her neighbor, Agatha Mallowen (a.k.a. Agatha Christie) become entangled in the murder of an archaeologist, mummies new and old, and the curse of an Egyptian queen.
Beck, K. K.
Murder in a Mummy Case
1987: New York: Walker & Co.
In a California mansion, the maid turns up dead in a mummy case, and the mummy is missing.
Bondurant, Matt
The Third Translation
2005: Hyperion
An American Egyptologist estranged from his family struggles with the diagonal translation of the "crossword" from the Stela of Paser in the British Museum. This leads to even more bizarre entanglements, including conspiracies of space exploration.
Brewer, Gil
Appointment in Cairo
It Takes a Thief 3
1970: New York: Ace
Burgler-cum-spy Al Mundy races Soviet and Chinese agents to find an ancient Egyptian formula for deadly nerve gas. Based on the TV show starring Robert Wagner.
Brittain, William
"The Scarab Ring"
1973: Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine 18.5 (May) (pp. 62-69)
Involves a ring that belonged to King Zoser.
Buchanan, Edna
1997: The Plot Thickens, ed. Mary Higgins Clark: New York: Pocket
The autopsy and fingerprinting of an ancient mummy brings shadows of doubt to modern crime-scene investigation.
Carr, John Dickson (see also Dickson, Carter)
The Lost Gallows
1931: New York: Harper & Brothers
1947: New York: Pocket
Among the warnings that El Moulk and his French mistress are marked for death, is an inscription from a royal tomb.
Carter, Nicholas [pseudonymn/house name]
Nick Carter's Egyptian Clue, or, The Mystery of the Mummy's Head
Nick Carter
1910: New York: New Magnet Library/Street & Smith Publications
Christie, Agatha
"The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb"
Hercule Poirot
1923: The Sketch (September)
1924: Blue Book Magazine (August)
1967: Ellery Queen's Mystery MagazineVolume 50 No. 6/289 (December)
Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie
1996: Murder Intercontinental, ed. Cynthia Manson & Kathleen Halligan: New York: Carroll & Graf, pp. 301-311
1999: Stories from Poirot Investigates: HarperCollins [audiobook read by David Suchet]
2001: Into the Mummy's Tomb, ed. John Richard Stephens: Berkley
The Kidnapped Prime Minister and Other Stories: read by David Suchet [audio]
[for other publication, see in Young Adult]
Poirot investigates deaths associated with the excavation of a royal tomb.
Death on the Nile
Hercule Poirot
1936: London: The Crime Club/Collins
A honeymoon cruise on the Nile turns deadly.
Cook, Robin
1979: New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons (cover illus. Ron Walotsky)
1979: Overload and Sphinx: Reader's Digest Condensed Books (abridged) 
Der Fluch der Sphinx
La Esfinge
1980: Bogota: Circulo de Lectores
A Harvard archaeologist finds clues to the real, unplundered tomb of Seti I and must act before black-market dealers beat her to it.
Cussler, Clive
Dirk Pitt
1992: New York: Simon & Schuster
Dirk Pitt finds the remains of a royal funeral barge sunk in the Nile.
Dirk Pitt
1988: New York: Simon & Schuster
Dirk Pitt finds the contents of the library of Alexandria preserved in the frozen remains of an ancient ship.
Deighton, Len
City of God
1992: HarperCollins
Set during World War II.
Dickson, Carter (=  Carr, John Dickson )
The Curse of the Bronze Lamp
Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery
1945: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
1967: Berkeley Medallion
When a woman given an ancient lamp by the Egyptian government vanishes, Sir Henry Merrivale must solve the mystery.
Death in Five Boxes
Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery
1938: New York: Morrow
1964: New York: Berkley Medallion
1982: New York: Bantam
Chief Inspector Humphrey Masters seeks for clues to a murder. Includes Egyptian mummies.
Douglas, Carole Nelson
Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt
Midnight Louie 9
1998: New York: Forge
The cat-detective sees a body float out of a Las Vegas hotel pool where mock Egyptian barges are doing battle.
Egbert, H. M.
My Lady of the Nile
1921: Argosy-Allstory (4-part serial)
Elkins, Aaron
Dead Men's Hearts
Ellis, Kate
"Bringing the Foot"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books (pp. 410-431) 
"Kladení nohy"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 411-432)
Giovanni Belzoni's wife recounts the murder of one of her husband's associates inside the tomb of a favorite of Seti I.
Fairstein, Linda
The Bone Vault
2003: New York: Scribner
The body of a researcher turns up in an Egyptian sarcophagus at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, leading to an investigation of the secrets of the New York museum scene.
Fasman, Jon
The Geographer's Library
A Connecticut reporter, investigating a murder, uncovers that several items from an alchemist's lab, stolen and scattered centuries ago, are being sought by an unknown party.  Among the objects is an alembic made in Graeco-Roman Egypt.
Fowler, Christopher
The Water Room
Bryant and May 2
2005: New York: Bantam
Two curmudgeonly detectives' search for answers to a woman's death leads to, among other things, collectors of Egyptian antiquities.
Freeman, R. Austin
The Eye of Osiris: a detective romance
No Date: London: Hodder & Stoughton
1929: Scribners
1929: New York: Dodd, Mead
1970: Bath: Lythway
1989: Oxford: Oxford University Press
The disappearance of a prominent Egyptologist -- who left clues in his wake -- leads to a search for a man tattooed with the Eye of Osiris.
Gerritsen, Tess
7 --
The Keepsake
NEW 12/08
2008: New York: Random House
A modern corpse disguised as an Egyptian mummy is only the first of several archaeological- and ethnographic-inspired murder "trophies."
Greenan, Russell H.
The Secret Life of Algernon Pendleton
1973: New York: Random House
Algernon is the great-grandson of an Egyptologist and owns a talking urn.
Gruber, Frank
Bridge of Sand
1963: New York: E. P. Dutton
Archaeological excavation, altered identity, religion, and revenge.
Heath, Eric
Murder in the Museum
1939: New York: Hillman-Curl
A millionaire is murdered among his mummies.
Hess, Joan
Mummy Dearest 
2008: Minotaur
A honeymoon in Egypt turns into an unwelcome adventure for Claire, her new husband, and her teen-age daughter.
Hill, Headon
The Man from Egypt
1917: London: Ward, Lock & Co.
Detective novel involving a mummy.
Hymers, John
Utter Death
undated (c. 1948):  The Thriller Book Club
A murder is commited at the ancient temple of Mansiut.
Jakeman, Jane
The Egyptian Coffin
1997: London: Headline
Kabal, A. M.
The Adversary
1988: London: Sphere
From a Coptic monastery in the Egyptian desert comes the greatest archaeological find in history.
Lange, John (= Crichton, Michael)
Easy Go (= The Last Tomb)
1974: New York: Bantam (as The Last Tomb)
1975: Pyramid (as The Last Tomb)
Five men search for gold treasure.
Levin, Lee
King Tut's Private Eye
1996: New York: St. Martin's 
Die sieben Tage des Pharao
In this humorous novel, a box bearing the seal of Eye, Tutankhamun's vizier is found to contain history's first murder mystery.
Kingsbury, Hunt 
The Moses Riddle
Thomas McAllister, Treasure Hunter
2004: Bimini Road
An ancient scroll reveals that Moses returned to Egypt after the Exodus, and this leads an Egyptologist and his Mayanologist partner to a secret coveted by governments and religious factions.
Kotzwinkle, William
The Game of Thirty
1994: New York: Houghton Mifflin
The gruesome murder and disembowlment of an antiques dealer is tied to an ancient Egyptian game.

The Midnight Examiner
1989: Black Swan
Newspaper reporters become embroiled with (among others who including the Mafia and a voodoo priestess) an Egyptian tomb robber.
Langley, Lee
Osiris Died in Autumn
1964: New York: Doubleday/Crime Club
Lanza, Clara & Harvey, J. C.
Scarabaeus:  the story of an African beetle
1892: New York: Lovell
An ancient ring holds clues to treasure.
Linscott, Gillian
"Heart Scarab"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books (pp. 466-486) 
"Srdecní skarab"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 467-486)
Young Tutty Brightsea, tired of his father's fieldwork with the Egypt Exploration Society, encounters a Cockney dancing girl who believes she's been cursed by her employer.
Livesay, Ann
The Isis Command
1998: Silver River
Long, Amelia Reynolds
Death Wears A Scarab
1946: Quality
Lorimer, George Horace
The False Gods
1906: New York:  D. Appleton & Co. (cover illus. J. C. Leyendecker)
1906: Saturday Evening Post (September) (excerpt?) (cover illus. J. C. Leyendecker)
In Boston, a reporter infiltrates a cult known as "the Royal Society of Egyptian Exploration and Research," associated with Madame Blavatsky. Based on the Theosophy movement.
MacDonald, Marianne
2 -- Ghost Walk 
An antiquarian bookdealer (and single mother) becomes involved with the estate of a man who was a code-breaker during World War II and some particularly important ancient gnostic gospels.  Sequel to Death Walk.
Malarkey, Tucker
2006: Riverhead
After the end of World War II, a woman investigates the death of her father, who died in Cairo. Involves the Nag Hammadi texts.
Mann, Jessica
Death Beyond the Nile
Tamara Hoyland
1988: New York: St. Martin's Press
1988: London: MacMillan
The British government sends their undercover agent Tamara Hoyland on an archaeological tour of Egypt, fast on the heels of a scientist who could destroy the world -- or save it.
Mason, Van Wyck
The Cairo Garter Murders
1938: Garden City, New York: Crime Club/Doubleday
1939: New York: Grosset & Dunlap
1939: Chicago: Century
1941: New York: Reynal and Hitchcock
McBain, Ed
Where There's Smoke
Ben Smoke 
Theft of bodies from a funeral home leads private eye Ben Smoke to a kinky lady and ancient Egyptian rites.
McKinley, F. Burks
Death Sails the Nile
1933: Boston: Stratford Co.
McLeave, Hugh
The Bent Pyramid
An alcoholic Egyptologist is ordered to track down a horde of jewelery for which a collector and his Nubian lover were murdered.
Meade, Glenn
Sands of Sakkara
1999: St. Martin's Press
Lt. Col. Weaver must thwart plans to murder Roosevelt and Churchill in Cairo; Egyptologist Rachel Stern must balance love and duty.
Meredith, D. R.
"Mummy No. 50"
1990: Mummy Stories, ed. Martin H. Greenberg: New York:  Ballantine (pp. 199-205)
A life-size diorama of an Egyptian embalmer's workshop is scheduled for a Texas museum, with consequences.
Michaels, Barbara (= Mertz, Barbara)
Search the Shadows
1987: Atheneum
In searching for answers to mysteries about her parents, a woman is led to Egyptology and a murderer.
Minahan, John
Great Pyramid Robbery
1987: New York: Norton
While investigating the $8 million robbery of an armored car company, Rawlings trails one suspect to Egypt, and into the pyramid of King Cheops, where he finds an immense treasure and the king's own mummy.
Moorhouse, Hopkins (= Moorhouse, Arthur Herbert Joseph)
The Golden Scarab
Addison Kent
1926: London: Hodder & Stoughton
No Date (1926): Toronto: Musson
Set in New York.
Morrah, Dermot
The Mummy Case Mystery
1933: Harper & Brothers
Mundy, Talbot (= Gribbon, William Lancaster)
The Mystery of Khufu's Real Tomb
1922: Adventure: 10 October
1933: London: Hutchinson (as The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb)
1935: Ace Crime Club (as The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb)
The search for the king's tomb.
O'Brine, Manning
Dagger Before Me
Thriller Book Club
In his search for a missing war criminal, an ex-Secret Service agent encounters, among other things, the corpse of an American diplomat in an Egyptian tomb.
O'Grady, Anne
The Ibis Seal
1975: London: Peter Davies
1976: London: Corgi
Egyptian artifacts are found in Queensland, Australia.  An excavation at the site turns into a treasure hunt and murder. Inspired by "evidence" presented by explorer Michael Terry.
O'Hehir, Diana
1 -- Murder Never Forgets
2005: Berkley
Carla's elderly Egyptologist father, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, claims to have witnessed a murder in the assisted living facility.

2 -- Erased from Memory
2006: Berkley
When her father is accused of murder, Carla Day investigates.
Paul, Elliot
Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre
Homer Evans Mystery
1940: New York: Random House
1940: New York: Ballantine
1942: New York: Pocket
1949: London: Nicholson & Watson
1962: New York: Ballantine
1986: New York: Dover
Pearce, Michael
"Made in Egypt"
Mamur Zapt mystery
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books (pp. 432-465) 
"Made in Egypt"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 487-496)
A modern copy of a mummy mask has been substituted for the original, under the very noses of Captain Owen and Gasperi, director of the Cairo Museum.
Mamur Zapt and the Face in the Cemetery
Mamur Zapt Mystery 14
2002: London: HarperCollins
A human corpse is found among cat mummies.
Mamur Zapt and the Spoils of Egypt
Mamur Zapt mystery
1995: Mysterious Press
2003: Poison Pen Press
As the wife of an American presidential candidate visits Egypt and expresses unusual interest in some mummified crocodiles, the head of the Cairo Secret Police struggles with would-be assassins and antiquities thieves.
Pendleton, Don (house name; = Somheil, Tim)
Terror Intent
The Executioner/Mack Bolan 219
1997: New York: Harlequin
An extremist group claims responsbility for the suicide-bombing deaths of tourists in Egypt. Bolan is authorized to hunt them down.
Peters, Elizabeth (= Mertz, Barbara)
1 -- Crocodile on the Sandbank
1992: New York: Warner
1993: Amelia Peabody Inc.: New York: Barnes and Noble
It's 1884, and Amelia, having acquired an inheritance, sets off for Egypt with a traveling companion, encountering kidnapping, accidents, mysterious visitors, and a handsome Egyptologist.

2 -- The Curse of the Pharaohs
1992: New York: Warner
1993: Amelia Peabody Inc.: New York: Barnes and Noble
It's 1890, and Amelia returns to Egypt upon the death of Sir Henry Baskerville, the victim of an ancient pharaonic curse -- or is it just old-fashioned murder?

3 -- The Mummy Case
1993: Amelia Peabody Inc.: New York: Barnes and Noble
Amid religious strife in a small village, Amelia and her husband -- and their four-year-old son -- investigate the murder of an antiquities dealer.

4 -- Lion in the Valley
A murder and an opium addict in Cairo, and excavation at the Middle Kingdom pyramids at Dashoor.

5 -- The Deeds of the Disturber
1988: New York: Atheneum
1989: New York: Warner
1989: Mysterious Press
1999: New York: Morrow/Avon
2001: London: Constable Robinson
When a guard is found dead beside a mummy case, a curse is the first suspect, but Amelia has other ideas.

6 -- The Last Camel Died at Noon
1991: New York: Warner
A city lost in the Sudan is found.

7 -- The Snake, the Crocodile & the Dog
A search for Nefertiti's tomb, an attempt to recover Emerson's lost memory, and an attempt to keep hidden the hidden city discovered in The Last Camel Died at Noon.

8 -- Hippopotamus Pool 
Amelia and the family find the tomb of Tetisheri. Can they properly excavate the tomb before the tomb-robbers have their way?

9 -- Seeing a Large Cat 
The Emersons become embroiled with the daughter of an American army officer and an ancient tomb with a modern mummy.

10 -- The Ape Who Guards the Balance
1998: New York: Avon
It's 1907, and Amelia is nearly kidnapped at a suffragist rally. What connection could there be with the horrible murders that seem to follow them in Egypt?

11 -- The Falcon at the Portal
1999: London: Robinson
It's 1911, and the Egyptian husband of Amelia's niece is accused of selling forged antiquities and is suspected of participating in the growing Egyptian nationalist movement.

12 -- He Shall Thunder in the Sky
2000: New York:  Morrow
Amelia and the family must contend with the outbreak of World War I and Egyptian nationalists.

13 -- Lord of the Silent
2001: New York: Morrow/Avon
Tomb robberies have become a terrible problem again -- could it possibly be the work of their allegedly belated old arch-foe, Sethos?

14 -- The Golden One
As if the murder of a tomb robber weren't enough, the Peabody family must also contend with the encroachment of the Great War upon Gaza.

15 -- The Children of the Storm
2003: New York William Morrow & Co
The Great War might be over, but a theft of antiquities and the appearance of a mysterious woman wearing a veil and crown of a goddess suggest that all is not at peace for the Emersons in Luxor.

16 -- Guardian of the Horizon
2004: New York: William Morrow

17 -- Serpent on the Crown
2005: New York: William Morrow

18 -- Tomb of the Golden Bird
2006: William Morrow & Co.
Amelia and Emerson vie with Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun. But Amelia and her family face additional complications when a mysterious someone goes missing.

The Jackal's Head
1968: New York: Meredith Press
1968: Roslyn, New York: Detective Book Club
1968: Maigret's Pickpocket; The Jackal's Head; Murder Most Fouled Up, Georges Simenon; Elizabeth Peters; Tobias Wells: Roslyn, New York: Detective Book Club
1970: New York: Dell
1988: New York: Morrow/Avon
1988: New York: Tor
2000: Center Point Large Print (large print)
Shivers Sound Library (audio)
Althea Tomlinson tries to clear the name of her father, who was driven to suicide on account of a scandal involving the Luxor Institute -- and the lost tomb of Nefertiti.

5 -- Night Train to Memphis

Art historian Vicky Bliss is enlisted to participate in a sting operation on a Nile cruise.

-- Laughter of Dead Kings NEW 12/08
Vicky's lover is accused of stealing the mummy of King Tut.
Phillips, Arthur
The Egyptologist
forthcoming: New York: Random House (originally announced as The Empty Chamber)
A murder in 1920s Egypt. There seem to be advanced reading copies under the alternate title.
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln
The Book of the Dead
A framed FBI agent, his demented, homicidal brother, the theft of the gemstone collection from a New York museum, and the newly-reopened (and possibly cursed) tomb of Senef.  Sequel to Dance of Death.
Richards, Kel
Death in Egypt
G. K. Chesterton Mystery
1996: Lane Cove, New South Wales: Australia Beacon Communications
In 1919 detective writer G.K. Chesterton investigates the case of a fresh, murdered corpse found inside a sarcophagus sealed centuries ago. Set at Deir el-Bahri.
Murder in the Mummy's Tomb
G. K. Chesterton
2002: Tulsa, Oklahoma: RiverOak Publishing
Robertson, Aleck
"Tracked to Egypt"
1897: The Old Log Cabin 438 (August 4)
Satterthwait, Walter
The Hanged Man
Joshua Croft mystery
Private eye Joshua Croft must investigate the murder, apparently regarding a fifteenth-century tarot card, of a New Age healer reputed to be a reincarnated pharaoh.
Slade, Michael (= Clarke, Jay & Clarke, Rebecca)
Death's Door
2001: Toronto: Viking Penguin
2001: New York: Penguin
2002: New York: Signet
2002: New American Library/Onyx
Chief Superintendent DeClerq of the Canadian Mounted Police gets entangled with shootings, a porn king and his renegade plastic surgeon -- and the smuggling of a mummy into Vancouver.
Starnes, John
1982: Ottawa: Balmuir
Spy novel. Sequel to Deep Sleepers.
Stephens, Ricardo
The Mummy
A string of murders follows a mummy imported to England.
Styron, Arthur H.
"The White Oleander"
1931: Popular Fiction Magazine 2.3 (November), pp. 97-110
Arabs are dying in the Memphis tombs, and a wife is cheating on her husband with a young archaeologist who likewise turns up dead.  Is it really just a case of accidental "mon-oxide" poisoning?
Sussman, Paul
The Last Secret of the Temple
2007: New York: Atlantic Monthly Press
The police inspector of Luxor must team up with an Israeli detective and a woman Palestinian journalist to find an artifact from the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The Lost Army of Cambyses
2002: Bantam
A mutilated corpse floating in the Nile and the deaths of an antiquities dealer and an archaeologist lead an Egyptian detective to a search for an ancient army dispatched to destroy the oracle at the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert.
Templeton, Aline
Shades of Death
2001: London: Hodder & Stoughton
2002: New York: St. Martin's/Minotaur
The discovery of a girl's skeleton, left for 18 years in a Derbyshire cave, reveals -- and revives -- an old "Egyptian game" children used to play.
Thomas, Frank
Sherlock Holmes and the Sacred Sword
The reappearance, then disappearance, of the sword of the prophet Mohammed puts Hollmes and Watson on a trail of a false prophet, that leads them from Berlin and Venice to the Valley of the Kings.
Trow, M. J.
Lestrade and the Guardian Angel
Sherlock Holmes/Lestrade mystery 8
1999: Regnery
Scotland Yard's Sholto Lestrade must investigate a series of murders in which the victims have an ornament wedged into their mouths, including an Egyptologist with a scarab.
Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus*
Sherlock Holmes/Lestrade
1995: London: Constable
In Egypt, Lestrade investigates the deaths of those involved in the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.
Upton, David
The Lost Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
2003: Park Publishing
Sherlock Holmes investigates the murder of a noted Egyptologist.
Van Dine, S. S.
The Scarab Murder Case
1930: New York: Charles Scribner's Sons
Vandenberg, Philipp
Das Pharao-Komplott [German, The Pharaoh Conspiracy]
1990: Luebbe
Omar Moussa searches for the tomb of Imhotep, architect of the Step Pyramid.
Wade, Henry
"The Missing Undergraduate" NEW 2/09
1933: Policeman's Lot by Henry Wade
1968: Seven Great Detective Stories, ed. William H. Larson: Racine, Wisconsin: Whitman
An eccentric history lecturer with an interest in ancient Egypt comes under suspicion when an Oxford undergraduate goes missing.
Whittemore, Edward
Nile Shadows
As Rommel's Afrika Corps rumbles towards Egypt, Joe O'Sullivan Beare investigates the death of a morphine-addict and smuggler, encountering, among others, a black archaeologist who lives in a cork-line sarcophagus.
Williamson, C.N. & Williamson, A.M.
It Happened in Egypt
1914: Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page & Co. (dust jacket ill.  Frank Bittner)
1914: Toronto: Musson Book Co.
Arrangements made by a group of Englishmen to enter a hidden tomb go awry.
Wood, Barbara
Hounds and Jackals
An ancient ivory game piece is the key to Lydia's search for her missing sister.
Yardley, James
Kiss the Boys and Make Them Die
Kiss Darling
1970: London: Michael Joseph
1970: New York: Signet
1972: London: Pan
With her computer-enhanced intelligence, a virginal secret agent tackles bedouins, bellydancers, assassins, the flooding Nile, and more, in her investigation of an ancient Egyptian jewelry market used to finance a world-wide terror plot.
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Keeler, Harry Stephen & Keeler, Tertza Rinaldo
The Scarlet Mummy
2002-2003: Shreveport, Louisiana: Ramble House (2 volumes)
The story of a stolen mummy.
Morson, Ian
"Unrolling the Dead"
2002: The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits, ed. Mike Ashley: New York: Carroll & Graf; London: Robinson Books (pp. 432-465) 
"Odkryváni mrtvé"
2004: Velká Kniha Egyptskych Detektivek, ed. Mike Ashley: Knizní Klub (pp. 433-466)
An ex-hooker with a gift for reading hieroglyphs, a private mummy-unwrapping spectacle, and the story of a royal murder in the Tenth Dynasty, four thousand years ago -- and perhaps one much more recent?
Thurston, Carol
The Eye of Horus
2001: New York: HarperTorch 
Ein Liebe fur die Ewigkeit
Limes Verlag and Heyne Bucher
El Amuleto
I Solgundens Oga
Bra Bocker
The intertwined tales of a physician who delivers, and later comes to love, the daughter of the high priest Ramose and Queen Nefertiti, and an Egyptologist investigating the ancient body of a woman who was mummified and wrapped with the skull of a man between her legs.
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