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Annotated Bibliography
Egyptomania, the Egyptian Revival, Egyptianizing Works, Egyptiana, and Related Matters


Specific Motifs
Architecture & Sculpture
Painting & Related Arts
Literary & Textual Matters: modern Literary & Textual Matters: ancient Performing Arts 
Cinema & Television Decorative Arts & Fashion Ephemera, Advertising, & Economics
Philosophy, Psychology, & Politics Religion, Magic, & the Occult, including Secret Societies Hieroglyphs & Linguistics
Science & Medicine Egyptian Origins,  Parallels, Afrocentrism & General Issues of Race Pharaonic Egypt in Classical Antiquity
Pharaonic Egypt in Coptic Culture  Ancient Egypt in Islamic Egypt  Pharaonic Egypt in Foreign Post-Roman Contexts
Museums, Collections , Exhibits & Excavations Biography & Autobiography Period Source Material for the Decorative Arts & Architecture
Web Sites
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