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(notes on the persistent influence of ancient Egypt on popular culture, fine arts, and other current events)

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12 March
In Egypt, a new law would, if passed, would "prohibit the production of exact replicas (1:1 scale) without special permission from the SCA or payment of a fee." Another part of the new law would affect the commercial use of photographs of antiquities and tourist sites.

12 March
Replicas of objects from Tutankhamun's tomb are on display at the 59th annual Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Tulsa World

5 March

"Just 3.4kg, the mighty pyramid pc's frame was constructed from laser cut, black and silver aluminium before acrylic panelling sealed the system off to grave robbers and historians."
Gizmodo Australia

4 March
"Alberto Giacometti, the leading Swiss artist and sculptor of the 20th century, has a previously little known side – he was obsessed with ancient Egyptian art."
Turkish Weekly

3 March

"This one might just make you look mummified. In fact, it’s safe to say that the bandage dress draws its inspiration from Egyptian mummies. But when the fashionistas of Hollywood are totally sold on it, can you really afford to ignore the trend?"
Times of India

2 March
In an article about "themed" cinemas: "in an Egyptian-based theme theatre called the Pharoah’s Aisle, pillars are installed and pyramids are created and designed in variations of blue, keeping in mind the river Nile. All elements of what is quintessentially Egyptian has been included, from the graceful sand stone-finish pillars that surround the perimeters of the theatre — which support hieroglyphics — to the sand dunes representing the great deserts. Clutter free, the spirit of ancient Egypt is revived with a modern twist. The pyramid and floor in the colour of sandstone are in tandem with the vast deserts of Egypt."
Financial Chronicle

2 March

An Egyptian-themed Mardi Gras fundraiser was held in Visalia, California.
Visalia Times Delta

1 March
The Egyptomania exhibit at the Bolton Museum has produced a "massive increase in visitor numbers."
This Is Lancashire

1 March

Glass artist William Morris's "Canopic Jar (Eland) was fabricated after an Egyptian vessel used to hold the organs of the deceased. Morris' modern version features the head of an African antelope as the lid."
Columbus Dispatch

27 February
A story about the rennovations and restorations at the museums in Berlin mentions that the "Neues Museum was built in homage to the artefacts it was to contain. Egyptian rooms were decorated in rich Cairo kitsch, with hieroglyphs and pylons, lotus-columned capitals and Osiris-winged arches."
Financial Times

25-26 February
In Littleston, Pennsylvania, a veteran crossing guard whose controversial hats (including a bit of pharoanic headgear that was a favorite of the children) were banned has regained the right to wear his costumes on the job.
Evening Sun

22 February

Yanich Holdip, "narrowly beat out his nearest competitor [in the St. Louis {Trinidad and Tobago} Mardi Gras competition] by one point with a costume entitled, 'Egyptian Sun God', a Stephen Dereck design."
Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday

22 February
When asked about Egypt as inspiration for his  fashion collection, designer Christian Sirano replied: "It wasn't Egypt literally. It was through inspirations of color, and these pyramid-shaped sleeves, and obviously with the styling, and the makeup, and the gold-fringed bangs. It was my fantasy of what I think Egypt and North African culture is like, because I've never been there. It's one place I've always wanted to go, so it's my fantasy."
Huffington Post

22 February

In 1950, in Oak Grove, Louisiana, a "bulldozer uncovered an iron Egyptian-style coffin." "The lid had a glass faceplate and a [skeletal] body could be seen inside, " wearing "a Masonic button pin on his coat." "The coffin was later reburied elsewhere."
The News Star

21 February

The Mardi Gras Krewe of Tut debuts.
Daily Comet

19 February

The partial collapse of Temple Mill in Holbeck (England) (most recently reported here 4 February) is having an economic impact on the area.
Beeston Today

19 February
The Riverbend Krewe will present "King Tut: The Restoration of the Deities" in the St. Louis Mardi Gras parade on Trinidad and Tobago.
The Telegraph

18-20 February
The global economic crisis is having an impact on the Egyptian tourism industry.
Financial Times (registration required)
Gulf News

18 February
Egyptian tattoos on hairless sphynx cats is offered by a shop in Russia.
National Post

18-19 February
A 16-foot-tall Tutankhamun made of Lego building blocks, from the Kingdom of the Pharaohs Lego theme park in the Czech Republic, was carried down the Thames to its new home, Legoland in Windsor.
Press Association

18 February
"Egyptian-inspired jewelry [...] designed by CFDA accessory design winner Philip Crangi" at New York Fashion Week is mentioned in passing.

18 February

A brief reminiscence of the 1979 Tutankhamun exhibit in San Francisco.

16 February
"'A Night in Cairo,' the theme for the fifth annual Hearts for Hospice gala Saturday night, had patrons browsing through an Egyptian bazaar, mingling in the pharaoh’s lounge, and putting down their cash for Cleopatra’s raffle."
Abbotsford News

15 February
Mentioned in passing: "Bob Mackie’s outfit dressed [Mattel fashion doll] Barbie as an Egyptian goddess all in gold" for the fashion doll's 50th anniversary.
Current World News

12 February

Christian Siriano has designed an Egyptian-inspired line of footwear and accessories for Payless ShoeSource that will complement is fall 2009 fashion collection: "sculptural yet feminine sportswear that draws its inspiration from the natural beauty of the Egyptian landscape. Sophisticated with a touch of drama, silhouettes featuring rich teal and turquoise recall the waters of the Nile. [...] Each style features Christian's unique chunky conical heel -- designed to look like an inverted pyramid. Golden tones, pyramid studs, hieroglyphic fabric and snakeskin materials..."
PR Newswire

12 February
Snow provided building material for pyramids and a sphinx at Newhall (U.K.).
Burton Mail

11 February

In Lockport, New York, primary school principal Bonnie Calamita was wrapped up like a mummy to celebrate the Egyptian-themed Parents as Reading Partners assembly.
This Is Bristol.co.uk

9 February

Listed as a "cult fashion trend": "Egyptian jewelry—Going back further in time, jewelry makers are getting inspiration from the golden ages of Egyptian civilization and making you want to unleash your inner Cleopatra with fantastic works of art that you can wear. Rustic, as well as extremely hip, these could be the next big thing in accessorizing."
Manila Standard Today

8 February

Students from the University of Bristol have built a 25-foot-long sphinx out of snow.
This Is Bristol.co.uk

4 February

Temple Mill, a nineteenth-century building in Holbeck (England) modeled on the temple at Edfu, is in danger of collapse.
Beeston Today

2-3 February

A "vase" being used as a garden ornament in England has been identified as a New Kingdom canopic jar.
Daily Mail

31 January
Mummies inspired the new collection by fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

31 January

Lego has developed a new line of build-it-yourself board game. "One game, Rameses Pyramid, involves children building their own pyramid, complete with treasure buried inside and Egyptian sphinxes. Players have to collect crystals to climb their mini-Lego character up the pyramid and claim the prize – the king mummy."

29 January
An interview (in French) with novelist Christian Jacq.
Le Figaro

29 January

A look at the architecture at Cornell University, including several paragraphs about the Egyptian Revival building at 900 Stewart Avenue.
Cornell Daily Sun

29 January
The derelict Pharaoh pub in Peckham (England) burned.
South London Press

29 January

One of the top 10 fashion trends forecast for 2009: "3. Well-dressed Goddesses: Fashionistas tell us to go with the flow this spring — flowy dresses that is. Labeled as goddess or Grecian style, these dresses use triple the amount of fabric that most dresses would use. Surely this is against all things environmental. If we’ll be draped in that much fabric, why are we pressured to work out this time of year? Yet, you’re likely to see a lot of this style Jan. 28-Feb. 1 during 'SnowDown in Da Nile.' Go ahead, dress like an Egyptian."
Durango Telegraph

28 January
Men's jewelry designer Evan Yurman incorporates ancient motifs, including Egyptian scarabs, into his pieces.

27 January

"Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile is a new generation real time strategy game that comes with a 3D look and feel."

26 January
"Over the years, [Dave] Henderson has sculpted thousands of tons of sand into a variety of designs in the expo center, including the Statue of Liberty, King Neptune and Chief Crazy Horse. This year's display of a pyramid, sphinxes and the Nile might not have been possible without a gift from his wife." That gift was a kidney he required to receive an organ transplant.
Palm Beach Post

26 January
Mentioned in passing: "[Stephen] Lee Heung brought out his first [Carnival] band in 1946 out of San Juan, Two Ten Carmen, which featured Egyptian costumes."
Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday

26 January

"Tulane Stadium came down in 1980, made obsolete by the Superdome, but not without one last surprise. In a tiny room beneath the bleachers were found two mummies, one man and one woman, stored and forgotten from a long-ago display. | Got Thothi Aunk and Nefer Atethu are the only Egyptians from 900 B.C. to ever attend a Super Bowl."

26 January

Several stories about the Emory University production of Philip Glass's opera, Akhnaten, including an interview with the composer.

21 January

At 300 Veteran's Drive in Thomaston, Georgia, one can see "around a dozen large Egyptian statues in the front lawn of the old VFW building." They have been placed there by the current renter, who holds religious services at the site: "The Nuwabian teachings are a mixture of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, ancient Egypt, and the Nineteenth plane of a different universe."
The Thomaston Times

19 January

"Luxor Quest" is a new game for mobile phones.

14 January

"King Tut" is one of two brands of peanut butter being recalled in the United States "because of possible contamination with salmonella."
Dallas Morning News

14 January
A "rifle butt carved into the portrait of an ancient Egyptian queen" is one "of the works Iraqi artists are making from weapons of war."

14 January

An antiques question-and-answer column takes on the case of a column purportedly removed from Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles (full retail value determined to be $300-500).

13 January
Pharaoh's Pizza, of Grandview Heights, Ohio, has gone out of business.
Columbus Dispatch

13 January

A theme park proposed for Pyla, Cyprus, will include pyramid-inspired architecture for some of its buildings.
Cyprus Property Magazine

13 January
Mentioned in passing: "In 2006, the city [of Clearwater, Florida] fined what was then an Egyptian-themed restaurant named Piramida for etching large hieroglyphics onto its building on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard. The restaurant's owner successfully appealed in court."
St. Petersburg Times

12 January
Actor Victor Purdom, who played Sinuhe, the title character in The Egyptian (1954), has died at the age of 85.

11 January

The Eugene Masonic Cemetery in Eugene, Oregon, which features an Egyptian Revival mausoleum, is open to the visiting public.

9  January

Preservationists have saved the Austin Nichols building, an example of 1915 Egyptian Revival architecture described by one city councilman as a "nondescript white box," in Brooklyn. (See another report 31 December 2008.)
New York Times

9 January
The children's room of the Hudson Public Library in Hudson, Massachusetts has put out a call for Lego building blocks, to build a giant Lego pyramid to fit in with its 2009 summer reading theme, "Egypt."

6 January

"Jewel of the Nile" is the theme of the 55th annual Jewel Charity Ball, to be held 10 January at the (Egyptomania.org notes appropriately named) Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibits Hall in Fort Worth, Texas.

4  January
"Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny" is a new game for the Mac.

4  January

"A Tale in the Desert IV (ATITD) for Mac is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in Ancient Egypt."

4  January

A review of the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City, Missouri mentions the restaurant's "campy, neo-Egyptian lobby."
The Pitch

3  January

A $20 million mummy-themed amusement park ride will be built in Singapore.

2 January

Among the decorative items in the Paris apartment of the late designer Yves St. Laurent was "Ptolemaic Egyptian sarcophagus wedged between a matching pair of Louis XIII-era armchairs, just what you'd see in your average Parade of Homes. It's difficult to imagine living in such inspired surroundings."

2 January
At Gary Riggs Interiors in Dallas (Texas): "Where else can you find under one roof a massive zebra-framed mirror, antique Vuitton trunk (price tag: $22,000) and custom side table inspired by King Tut's tomb, of carved wood lions hoisting a burled walnut top. 'We do a lot of things people would normally shy away from,' Riggs says with no trace of shyness."
Dallas Morning News

2 January

Featured in the 2009 Junkanoo parade held in Freeport (Grand Bahama) was the "Swingers presentation, titled the 'Mystical Burial of the Boy King Tut.'"
The Freeport News

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